Thailand Online Shopping Guide – The Best Websites for Grocery Shopping

13 Mar 2024

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Nothing beats online grocery shopping options for those who despise the chore. If you're one of the many who dread going to multiple places to collect everything you need for your weekly purchases, this list of portals is for you! Buy what you need online, and the shops deliver. This means you can save yourself from time-consuming grocery shopping and the annoyance of waiting in lines and avoid hauling those heavy shopping bags home in the blazing heat.



iHerb has emerged as a trusted online shopping option in Thailand for those seeking a wide range of health and wellness products. Offering an extensive catalog that includes supplements, vitamins, and natural health products, iHerb is renowned for its commitment to quality and safety. Shoppers can enjoy a seamless and efficient shopping experience, with the reassurance of authenticity in all products. The platform also ensures timely and reliable delivery across Thailand, making it a convenient and secure option for enhancing your health and wellness regimen.

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Shopee provides internet users around the region with a one-stop online purchasing experience and allows  people to select from a large range of products, including food and beverage and other grocery store-related items.

You can find a comprehensive variety including snacks, ready-to-go meals, fresh and frozen food, breads, cereals, spreads, soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, vitamin and other supplements, dried fruits and nuts, food staples, baking goods, cookware, and more. 




Big C

Big C is one of Bangkok's largest online shopping stores and one of the country's most prominent physical hypermarket chains, with over 31,000 consumer products. Big C Shopping Online is a part of Big C Supercenter, another way to shop at Big C. The service makes it easier to choose from a wide range of products.

Food, home appliances and electrical goods, snacks and sweets, alcohol and other beverages, health and beauty products, discounted fashion, and pet accessories may all be purchased online. In addition, many discounts and promotions are available – the same as at the actual Big C stores.

The products on are:

  • The same price and promotion as in the shop.
  • Guaranteed that customers receive benefits such as Big Card points.
  • Discount coupons.
  • Other reductions.

Big C Shopping Online follows the same principle as Big C Supercenter regarding price assurance. Furthermore, customers will receive incentives similar to those found in stores and additional services such as free delivery or store pick-up.

It's simple to order online; select your products and put them in your cart, just like you would on another online shopping site. Then, you can have your goods delivered to their home address or pick up their prepared order at a Big C location.

You can purchase at 24/7 from anywhere if you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

They guarantee to deliver within 24 hours and accept cash on delivery or online payments. For orders above 500 baht, you can pick up your products at your local Big C, and all orders over 1,500 baht get free delivery.

Big C Shopping Online ensures that the products are of high quality, that they will not expire, that they will be 100% from the suppliers, and that they will not be broken. If you are displeased with your items received, you have seven days to return and exchange them.


Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus also has an online shopping arm that offers a similar range of products to Big C, including groceries, but a more user-friendly layout. Tesco Lotus, Thailand's counterpart of the British supermarket chain, stocks many of the same items as Tesco outlets in the United Kingdom. You can even make use of your membership card!

Fresh vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, dairy goods, drinks, household basics, health and beauty products, and much more are all available, and most names and products will be familiar to the typical Brit.

Shopping can be done online or through the Tesco Lotus Smartphone app, downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. There are numerous specials and discounts available regularly, similar to Big C.

Add your desired items to the virtual shopping basket, select the most convenient delivery time window, and pay online with a credit card or at the door when you receive your delivery. If you're planning, you may order up to three weeks in advance and have it delivered within 24 hours or utilizing 'click and collect from your local store. You can schedule a delivery time slot online between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. every day.



Tops is another big competitor in Thailand's supermarket industry, with an internet shopping division containing over 10,000 products. In addition, they regularly provide online promos and discounts for email subscribers and free delivery on orders over 1500 THB.

They sell 'mom and baby' products, fresh fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, and a robust assortment of wine and alcoholic beverages, ready meals, snacks, health and beauty products, household goods, pantry items, soft drinks, and various other items. One extraordinary thing about Tops is its wide international cheese variety.

Orders are placed through the online store website, and you can make payment either at the time of ordering or delivery. Payment methods include by credit card online or with cash (or card) at the time of delivery.

Tops ships all orders within 24 hours, with same-day delivery available for orders placed before 1 p.m. In addition, the company offers countrywide delivery between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. and a call center to assist with any questions.


Wholefoods and Organic


Since its inception in 1996, iHerb's goal has been to make health and wellbeing more accessible. It is an e-commerce site committed to providing the best-curated range of health and wellness products on Earth at the lowest possible price and delivered most conveniently.

They believe that health and wellness are universal rights that we can achieve through compassion and community action. More than 185 countries are represented through 16 language options, and they accept 86 currencies and 38 payment choices. Like this, they deliver health and wellness items from their over-32,000-items-long list of goods to individuals worldwide.

They carry the same recognized brands that you'd find at a big-box retailer. iHerb, not third-party merchants, sells and ships all of the items. It operates out of nine climate-controlled hubs and fulfillment locations across the United States and Asia.

Their authentic reviews of goods number in the millions, so you'll be able to make more informed purchases this way. In addition, they currently boast nearly 11 million happy, active customers thanks to their offers, quality items, and Rewards.

Furthermore, they have their own iHerb House Brands, which are the most cost-effective because they are the ones that make and sell them. Save money by purchasing iHerb house brand goods manufactured and sold directly by the company. The quality is exceptional. The FDA has established tight requirements and Current Good Manufacturing Practices for all iHerb brands. They even have a money-back guarantee for 90 days!


Health Food Thailand (Good Karma)

Health Food Thailand is one of the country's most well-known online national health food stores, with products in the following categories: health food, supplements, body detox, home & garden, super herbs, flour & grains, raw butter, and personal care. They also feature sections for bulk purchases, sale items, and new arrivals.

They're an online-only store that provides nationwide home delivery (and pick-up in central Phuket). You can make payment with no additional fees via bank transfer or PayPal. Shipping takes place within 24 hours of payment via EMS.


Paleo Robbie

Paleo Robbie is probably most known in Bangkok for delivering excellent, ready-to-eat Paleo-friendly meals. Still, they also operate an online Paleo grocery store where you can buy things at wholesale pricing (with a minimum order of 1,500 baht).

There is nothing artificial or processed about their dishes. Every day, fresh meals are made. They have groceries with excellent sourcing at reasonable costs. And all of this is delivered directly to your front door.

As you may expect, Paleo components are used in the majority of the goods, which are all meticulously obtained. Animal meat is always from well-treated, pastured animals, and fish is always fished in the wild. New Zealand berries, local vegetables, nuts, supplements, primal dairy, drinks, fermented items, offal, snacks, sausages, and more are among the various product categories.

The Paleo diet has taken the gastronomy world by storm in recent years. Based on our hunter-gatherer forefathers' diet, the Paleo diet is one of the most remarkable ways to eat well and stay healthy by eliminating any processed sweets, preservatives, grains, legumes, and factory-farmed meats. Thus, only the following items are carried and cooked with:

  • Meats that are 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised. Meaning no antibiotics or growth hormones are present in the environment.
  • Seafood caught entirely in the wild. Meaning no fish from an industrial farm or that has been colored.
  • Produce that is pesticide-free to the nth degree because we want to be as organic as possible.
  • Thai organic producers are being supported.

Paleo Robbie is a well-known food delivery service in Bangkok, but they also operate a grocery store, which is excellent for Paleo-friendly meals at home. By shopping online from Paleo Grocery's collection of over 300 different fresh items, including wild meats and fish, nuts and berries, first dairy, natural wine, chocolates, and cooking oils, you can effortlessly follow this nourishing and healthy diet without any of the hassle. Furthermore, you may rest confident that the foods supplied are sustainable and healthy.

The grocery has a minimum order value of 1,500 baht. However, you will receive a 250-baht discount on your first order if your basket totals 2,000 baht or more. Visa, atm, and bank transfers are accepted modes of payment. They deliver anywhere in Thailand. 


Radiance Wholefoods

Radiance's focus is on organic living, so you can be sure that the Radiance Wholefoods online store only sells the freshest, fresh organic vegetables and healthful foods made with natural, chemical-free ingredients.

Organic vegetables, wild fish and meats, teas and other beverages, dietary supplements, gluten-free items, nutritious snacks and superfoods, and natural household products are among the carefully selected products. Other product categories include kefir, essential oils, vitamins, flours, cheese, oils, salt lamps, spices, skincare, superfood, baby items, etc. You can even email them if you're seeking a product that you can't locate online to see if they can get it.

The e-store is simple to navigate, and deliveries are made either in the morning or afternoon, with an email notification issued one business day ahead of time. However, fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, is only delivered on Wednesdays; thus, you must place orders by Tuesday noon. Lastly, your location determines the cost of delivery.

For orders exceeding 1,500-baht, delivery is free inside Thailand. Orders are delivered within 1-2 business days, while fresh produce is only delivered Tuesday through Friday, with the cut-off time for delivery that week being Wednesday at noon. Depending on where you are, the delivery fluctuates. Pick-ups can also be arranged at their retail store on Sukhumvit Soi 22.

Radiance Wholefoods feel that taking care of their activities' social and environmental aspects is essential. Therefore, to help local communities, they prioritize sourcing from fellow Thailand farmers and SMEs at Radiance Wholefoods. In addition, they collaborate with individuals committed to making a positive social and environmental effect.

Reducing waste is also at the heart of our operations, particularly when it comes to plastics for packaging. When possible, customers are advised to reuse packing materials. Customers can now refill their bottles at their retail location on Sukhumvit 49. Personal care, household care, spice, grains & seeds, and many more will be available shortly.


Sunshine Market

Sunshine Market is a modest but lovely health food store with an online shopping platform. They sell anything from fresh produce and baked goods to superfoods, healthy drinks, personal care items, organic, gluten-free, nuts, vegan items, drinks, and grains, among other things.

They are located on Sukhumvit Soi 31, so if you live in Bangkok, you can pick up your order to save money on shipping costs. Online, payment can be made using a bank transfer, Paypal, a credit card, or a debit card.

The most remarkable thing about this delightful shop is that they feature a "Rescue Me" page where you can get up to 70% off products with short shelf lives! I have ordered many items from this super deal, and they were delivered to me here in Koh Phangan in excellent condition within days. These are high-quality goods for a fraction of the price because their expiration date is one or two months away. I love this idea and wish all stores did it!


Gourmet and Artisan


Passion Delivery

Passion Delivery is a luxury online grocery store specializing in artisan products sourced from various locations and delivered to you as if you had ordered from a single store. It's been compared to an artisan counterpart of Ocado in the UK. It sources items from over 40 of Thailand's most passionate and inventive food, cookware, and healthy living businesses, all of whom have been picked for their continuous high quality.

Here, you can find various foods, beverages, and healthy living products such as hygiene and kitchenware. You can also find natural ice cream and sorbet, gourmet sweet pies, premium coffees, award-winning jams, mustards and sauces, pork pies and sausage rolls, organic shampoos, and other beauty products, an excellent selection of wines, spirits, sakes, and liquors, and handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives are so much more.

Some vendors include Heaven on Cheese, Bacchus, Below Eleven, Captain Barrel, Cutboy, Elisa Patisserie, Roots, Sloane's, Sticky Piggy, Thammachart Seafood, and Yellow Spoon Pastry.

On the Passion Delivery website, look over the products from each merchant and make a single payment. After that, each seller will prepare your order, and Passion Delivery will collect and ship it to you as quickly as possible. They deliver anywhere in Thailand and function like a Deli shop.

Emails are sent after every step along the delivery process to confirm orders, payment, dispatch, and delivery schedules. In addition, users who visit the website for the first time will receive a 200-baht voucher! Payment can be submitted by bank transfer, Paypal, or cash/card on delivery in Bangkok; however, only bank transfers and Paypal are accepted outside the city. In Bangkok, delivery costs start at 90 baht and are usually delivered within 24 hours.


Conrad's Deli

Conrad's Deli has everything you need if you want Nordic cuisine. The Danish-owned Deli produces and delivers Scandinavian food throughout Thailand, making finding Nordic food convenient and straightforward. Conrad's Deli has created and provided Scandinavian food throughout Thailand for four years.

They make a lot of goods at their three-store production facility, and they are proud that practically all of their products are homemade - prepared by them, using their recipes and passion for cooking.

They serve a wide range of handcrafted Scandinavian meals, such as bread, pastry, meat, pickled goods, and seasonal favorites. Conrad's Deli also sells 'bake-it-yourself' items and ready-to-eat dishes.' All products are supplied in boxes with dried ice across the country. In addition, Conrad's Deli serves three-course meals, Arla items, and handcrafted chocolates. The selection is truly endless, and the products are well-made and delicious.

When you place an order, the system allows you to specify a delivery time and date; however, they cannot guarantee that they can deliver on the exact time and date you select, even if you receive an order confirmation from the system! It takes one to two days to receive an order from Bangkok, and orders sent out of Bangkok require 3-6 days to process. They will call you to confirm your order, possibly the same day you place it but certainly within several days. They only accept bank transfers.


Villa Market Thailand

Villa Market Thailand is a newcomer to Thailand's online retail scene, offering nationwide shipping. It is a supermarket that sells a wide range of fresh, imported, and nutritious products and holiday confectionery, including Christmas advent calendars and candy canes. They also stock a few Nordic delicacies like Béarnaise Sauce, Haribo, and other foreign treats.

Special note: With the coupon NEWME200, you can save 200 baht on your first purchase.


Food Delite

Food Delite is an authentic Italian online gourmet store created by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the Thai food and beverage sector. They aim to deliver high-quality products straight to your home through a powerful yet straightforward online grocery platform, making your shopping procedure quick and convenient and ensuring your food pleasure.

All of their items are handled with optimum care, and they ensure that you get the most terrific deal and that your food is traceable. They choose their products with care, ensuring that they bring to Thailand food that is tailored to the needs of the Thai market and emblematic of Italian excellence.

Being Italians, the owners are passionate about food and recognize the importance of product quality, a distinguishment of Italian cuisine. Therefore, they always look for the greatest, newest, and most intriguing culinary items made in the authentic Italian heritage and taste, with no artificial colors or preservatives. Each product is carefully sourced from upscale producers and Italian farmers. Only the best from each category are imported weekly by aircraft and conveniently delivered around Thailand six days a week.

All portioned and sliced products are prepared fresh upon order receipt by their staff rather than prepackaged to maintain quality and freshness. 

Food Delite offers free delivery in the marked area with a minimum order of 1,000 baht. However, if the amount is less than 1,000 baht, they will charge a fee of 100 baht. Outside of the marked area, they will charge a fee of 100 baht regardless. And they will charge a 200-baht shipping fee for travel outside of Bangkok.





Wishbeer is an alcoholic beverage delivery service. They boast Thailand's most incredible range of international beers and ciders. Plus, they are a powerhouse regarding getting craft beer delivered "right here, right now," with perks like same-day delivery in central Bangkok. They also offer wine, whisky, spirits, and drinking accouterments.

The company grants free shipping to orders over 2,000 baht and a 10% discount on orders over 4,000 baht. However, there is no minimum order amount, and smaller transactions are subject to a 79-baht delivery cost.

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