The Restaurant Guide for Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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Eat your way through Koh Phangan! Local cuisine, delicacies, and dishes from Asian and foreign places such as French, British, Italian, Moroccan, Israeli, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Austrian, and even Scandinavian cuisines are available at a variety of restaurants and dining settings on the island.
Local small restaurants and street vendors, on the other hand, sell great traditional Thai cuisine, vegetable soups, and fresh seafood that you have to try!
Prices for eating on Koh Phangan vary from 30 to 40 Baht for a Thai soup or local dishes from a street food vendor to 500 Baht and more for delectable meals at a nice restaurant.


Thai Food

Thailand's southern region is noted for its spicy cuisine and the usage of coconuts. It is inspired by Indonesia and Malaysia, and since we are so near to the water, you will discover more fish dishes here! Despite its location in the south, Koh Phangan offers Northern cuisine such as Khao Soi, a fiery but sweet Burmese-inspired noodle soup among many other dishes from all over Thailand.


Italian & Pizza

Maybe you're missing some home comforts or just want to spoil yourself with some delicious Italian food or pizza. You may eat it at home with friends, in a nice restaurant with a glass of wine, or for it to soak up all the bottles of beer and shots of tequila you had earlier in the night at the bar. Here’s our guide for pizza which obviously includes Italian cuisine which they are part of.


Israeli Food

There is a large family population of Israelis who have established their permanent home here, in addition to youthful tourists from Israel. So you will discover wonderful Israeli cuisine on this tiny international island. Israeli cuisine has embraced and expanded to include components of several diaspora Jewish cuisine types, including Mizrahi, Sephardic, and Ashkenazi culinary techniques. It comprises spices and delicacies like falafel, hummus, shakshuka, and couscous, which have traditionally been found in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.


Vegan Food

For the most part, Koh Phangan is a vegan's dream. Local Thais are known for delivering vegan options free of MSG to please the health-conscious audience that gathers here. Because Thai food is based largely on veggies, vegan options are usually available at Thai restaurants.


Seafood Restaurants

The beauty of Koh Phangan, and much of Thailand, is that any cuisine can be transformed into a seafood dish. Any dish, from simple fried rice with prawns to any curry, may include a marine component. Seafood is available in every part of Koh Phangan, from modest family-run local eateries to high-end restaurants.


Romantic Restaurants

Koh Phangan is a romantic destination for couples and lovers of all types. Everything you may desire in a romantic dinner with your lover can be found on the island. The quiet deserted beaches, mild air, and gentle sea wind that delicately rustles the palm tree leaves at dusk provide an amazingly romantic environment in select spots and venues on Phangan.