Best Seafood Restaurants on Koh Phangan

13 Mar 2024

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The Royal Court records that some 300 families settled on Koh Phangan during the early 1900s and were engaged in fishing and other farming as their main source of business.  In the Gulf, you can find mackerel, barracuda, trevally, pomfret, shark, long-tail tuna, Black marlin, sailfish, rainbow runner, cobia, rays, various snappers and many different groupers. King mackerel and squid are the most important commercial fish in this area.

Best Seafood on Koh Samui

Seafood on Koh Phangan


At night you are sure to notice the far off green lights littering the ocean line out at sea, these are squid boats. The method of catching the squid is called jigging, this works by dropping unbaited metal jig lures into the sea. The squid attack these lures and become entangled in the spikes allowing the squid to be brought on board. This kind of fishing can be done on an small scale basis by inshore fishermen working from small boats. They always fish at night and utilise a system of lights on their ships which attracts the nocturnal night squid towards the jigs they have in the water. It is rumoured that here in the Gulf of Thailand there are so many squid fishing vessels that these alien lights are visible from space!
You will find a delicious array of dishes with squid on the island, from dried at the pier to snack on to chilli fried at a local restaurant and more exotic at fine dining establishments.

Squid drying in Chaloklum, Koh Phangan


Fishing on Koh Phangan is a favourite holiday game for many. Fishing is enjoyed by both adults and youth, and catching a large fish gives a special joy. You will see sea fishing enthusiasts throughout the day during the high tides on the rugged coasts of the island. In addition to coastal fishing, fishing boats for fishermen with all abilities are offered on the island. The types of fishing used varied: flipping, jigging, trolling, bottom, submerged, etc You can totally relax and dive into a beautiful tranquil environment on a fishing trip. A feeling of harmony with nature does not go anywhere for a minute when fishing. Both locals and visitors are addicted to fishing in Koh Phangan. At fishing tackle stores on the island, fishing tackle can be bought from the most inexpensive to the most costly. The unpredictability of the results is the key highlight of Phangan's fishing: the capture is still a surprise, so what sorts of fish are captured. For bait, tiny pieces of shrimp (fresh or frozen) are typically acquired for larger species. 

Fishing Boats Koh Phangan
The wonderful thing about Koh Phangan and most of Thailand is that any dish can become a seafood dish. From basic fried rice with prawns and any curry can have an ingredient from the sea.
You can find seafood everywhere from the cheap family run local places to high-end restaurants, and in every area of Koh Phangan.

KP Brunch Cruise

Seafood Restaurants

High Price Range

A very well-known French-style restaurant in Hin Kong with also a plethora of beautiful wines. They offer a menu with traditional French dishes but also Thai food with fish such as lemongrass prawns, tuna tartare, seafood and other fish, All the dishes come with fresh bread delivered daily.

L'Alcove Koh Phangan


Their concept is all about local produce and Thai family practices at the Fisherman's Restaurant, delivered with a modern touch. Creator and Head Chef Khun Thanaporn, known as Lek on the island, was born into a local Baan Tai fishing family and, when he was only three years old, made his first expedition on a long tail cruise. Lek designed the restaurant on an idyllic beachfront starting in 2007, utilizing natural materials and turning his family's fishing boats into seats. The unique setting, gentle lighting, and rustic architecture create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that calms the senses and perfectly complements the food.  Lek succeeded in developing an authentic, memorable dining experience with the continuous help of his Irish partner, Amanda. They express their passion for food and beverages served with absolute integrity, with service and decor to fit, a must-try on Koh Phangan.

Fisherman's Koh Phangan

Infinity Beach Club

A beautiful open beach club with a lawn, huge pool and sandy shore makes Infinity the perfect place to enjoy seafood. Modern fusion style food awaits you and can be nice for a romantic dinner or with friends.

Signature Seafood and Grill
A newer addition to the seafood restaurant family on the island is Signature, overlooking Thong Sala pier where you can admire the fishing boats bob gently on the waves. A contemporary restaurant with a large menu of culinary delights, influenced by travel and a love for other cultures. 

Milky Bay
Situated on the beach of the resort they have great quality seafood dishes and delicious seafood platters for sharing. With a variety of snappers, king prawns, squid, and more, you may pick what you want to consume and then the chef will barbecue and prepare it for you. 

Seafood Dish Koh Phangan

The menu is inspired by their Italian roots and passion for travelling! They put a personal twist on classic dishes including many seafood and fish delights. 

Middle Price Range

Phangan Cove
Phangan Cove is a beautiful resort placed on the glorious west side of the island in Sri Thanu village. There you can enjoy perfect golden sandy beaches, wonderful accommodation and service along with owner Eiu's famous cuisine including their special seafood dishes!

Phangan Cove

Fish pacific
Gorgeous seafood with something for all, a decent-sized menu and a nice setting right by the sea. The staff are very helpful and provide you with a comfortable service while dining on the beach, perfect for enjoying the ocean’s bounty.

Nong View
It is always a great sign for food when you see the locals eating in a restaurant here in Thailand, you know its authentic. This is the case for one of our favourite Thai restaurants here, Nong View in Baan Kai, it is very popular among ex-pats, local Thai people and tourists too. Nong View has a BBQ with fresh fish such as squid, prawns, fish and crab. All are cooked by Yemsee and her skilled staff and live up to the already famous reputation of all other dishes.

Nong View Restaurant

Homemade ice cream
Do not be deterred by the name, although they have some of the best ice creams on the island they also have some of the best thai food. Most dishes can be ordered with fish or seafood, a little gem nestled in the trees from Thong Sala.

Baan Boontum
This is definitely an island jewel and certainly, the building is most special to any other Thai restaurant, you do not feel as though you are on Koh Phangan when you are treated to a lovely sturdy wooden table and bench rather than the usual plastic one. 
The food is more traditional Isaan style and very good, full of a delicate but intense flavour with a sincere touch, ideal for a few friends to enjoy.

Baan Boontom Somtum And Gallery


Low price range

Panthip Food Market Thong Sala
For the most affordable Seafood, you must try Panthip in Thong Sala. Popular with every visitor, you may already be familiar with this as a place to grab meals. Here you will find fish snacks as well as curries and rice for very cheap, from 40 Baht upwards.

Panthip Market Koh Phangan

Phangan Food Court
Close to Panthip but more recently opened, it offers similar style to Panthip but with more sit down option style meals.

Mama Restaurants
How else to describe this umbrella to incorporate the laid back eateries dotted all around Thailand? Once you get familiar and regular with one, you usually get to know the owner or chef who will tell you to call her Mama. The places are the ones with bamboo furniture and no frills half outdoors, they’re some of the best thai food in general.

Typical local Thai restaurant Koh Phangan



What better place to taste fresh seafood than on this island surrounded by beautiful ocean? A place where you can find fish of all kinds, different types of dishes and for any budget. 
Fish is a primary part of the diet here so to be eating seafood or immersing yourself with fishing is a no brainer.

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