Israeli Food on Koh Phangan

13 Mar 2024

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Koh Phangan has a large Israeli community. They travel very much according to other Israeli recommendations and like to make the Israeli community. All over the world, you will find certain places where there is an Israeli community and elsewhere where there is no one, and Koh Phangan has become one of those chosen places. As well as young visitors from Israel there is a big family community of Israelis who have made their permanent home here and so you will find delicious Israeli food on this international little island.

Koh Samui Israeli Food Guide

Zen Beach Koh Phangan

Israeli Cuisine

Israeli cuisine has embraced and evolved and continues to incorporate elements of different diaspora Jewish cuisine types, particularly the cooking styles of Mizrahi, Sephardic and Ashkenazi. It includes several foods historically included in other the Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines, such as spices and foods such as falafel, hummus, shakshouka and couscous. Israeli food can be very healthy as long as you don’t have a lot of bread with it which is traditionally common.


Famous Falafel

Many people love falafel! The roots of it go back a long way and whatever ethnicity claims to the creation, there is little denying that today it is a central feature of Israeli cuisine. A typical falafel feast will be offered with all the trimmings, including the aforestated hummus, pink pickled turnips, pita bread, traditional Israeli salad and pickles, made from fava beans, chickpeas, or a mixture of the two.



This is the most popular dish in Israeli cuisine, and we all know what's fine with hummus, right? bread!! Israeli cuisine doesn't just contain some old hummus though, you ought to try the hummus masabacha. This is when whole chickpeas, paprika, and lemon-spiked tahini are garnished on top. Or the hummus kawarma-hummus garnished with lamb mince, onions and parsley may be attempted. 

Hummus Koh Phangan


Tahini is at the centre of some of Israel's finest and most traditional foods, from hummus to western items, to shawarma (like a kebab), chalba and salads. Tahini comes from nigella seeds and, due to the requirement, is marketed in high quantities. Tahini, combined with olive oil and garlic, makes up the trinity of Israel's fundamental nutritional ingredients.

Tahini with bread and tomatoes

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Recommended Israeli Restaurants

Israeli House (Haad Rin)

The Israeli House is a Jewish centre on Koh Phangan, also a travel agency with some accommodation, with a kosher and luxurious restaurant and synagogue. Every Friday they do a special dinner with a Jewish ceremony. The synagogue is available if you are more religious so you can go and join prayers. Israeli House is closed from Friday night after dinner until Saturday night. This is where you can eat delicious Israeli food with the most traditional Jewish ceremonies attached.

Israeli House Koh Phangan

Paprika (Haad Rin)

Paprika opened in 2002 and is located in the heart of Haad Rin near the famous chicken corner. They have well-sized portions of fantastic Israeli food. Dishes such as chicken shawarma and sheesh kebabs and meatball sandwiches which are very filling and unbelievably delicious! 

Paprika Koh Phangan

Taboon (Sri Thanu)

Twenty years ago, Taboon's owner, Guy Newman, first came to Koh Phangan and fell in love with the island, as many other travellers did before him and still do. The restaurant, located in the yogi hub of Sri Thanu exudes spirituality & devotion. Cosy décor with gentle lighting, red paint ranges and a lounge area that lets you feel like you're in a rare, secluded place. 
They build a vegetarian menu of Middle East specialities including sambusak, shakshuka, sabih and hummus with an Israeli chef cooking.

Taboon Koh Phangan

Capara (Sri Thanu)

Capara is one of the newest Israeli restaurants to open, they also serve some European dishes. You will find an exquisite green surrounding in Capara to drink your tasty coffee, consume breakfast, lunch or dinner, and SMILE. 

Capara Koh Phangan

Falafel food market (Thong Sala)

You cannot miss 5-minute falafel in the Panthip food market, mainly because there will usually be a bubbly western, usually female worker putting hummus in your face! There's a lot of affection that goes into the owner Yaniv's cooking, but his workers are a very nice squad, too. 
You will see why the hummus is popular on the island with bowls and bowls of chickpeas continuously washed and soaked and when you try it then you can know why! 
They have handmade pita and falafel, this pita is so good, just this alone dipped in the hummus will be enough to please but you have to taste the falafel. 

Falafel Koh Phangan

Jaffa (Sri Thanu)

Another new addition to Sri Thanu is Jaffa which is a community restaurant. Their Middle Eastern region's robust flavours are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Jaffa's menu, as a top Middle Eastern restaurant, offers the freshest, healthiest, and highest food consistency.

Jaffa Koh Phangan

Green Gallery (Sri Thanu)

Green Gallery is a very well-known restaurant which has now shifted to the food market of Sri Thanu. At the Green Gallery, they respect and appreciate both forms of living, selling sustainable cuisine and restricting the usage of agricultural products. The Green Gallery menu is an expression of their love for vegan cuisine, culinary pleasure, desire for creativity and childhood memories of Israeli food.

Green Gallery

We hope you can enjoy some home comforts of Israeli cuisine here on Koh Phangan and for those of you who have never eaten it then you must! It truly is some of the most delicious food on earth!

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