Spotted - Sunbathing Squid!!!

13 Feb 2020

One sunny, magical day on Koh Phangan we were travelling around the island when we came to Chaloklum, the village known for its fishing.

Driving along enjoying the breeze from our bike we encountered a fishy smell in the air.

Not the horrid kind but the freshly caught aroma of the sea.

Ok so this isn’t the kind of article you will enjoy if you’re vegan but if you’re not then please continue.

Koh Phangan is very well known for its squid, caught nightly in the waters not far from the shore, the squid boats light up the skyline like an alien atmosphere with their green lights which are used to attract the squid.

You must've seen the little trucks selling dried squid, our pal Christopher Thomas is a fan of these squidly snacks when he spots them and you can also find them at Thong Sala food market.

As we continued towards the smell, nearer to the pier we spotted a strange sight, hundreds of sunbathing squid!

Once the fishermen have caught the squid at night they are then delicately and patiently laid out to dry in the sun on these mesh net tables.

Once dry they then become food for our dinner tables.

We were very lucky to see this sight and were blessed by being allowed to take just a few photos, this squid farm is not there anymore we believe....