Art and Fashion Guide to Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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The island of Koh Phangan attracts many creative beings from all over the world. It also helps to inspire those who have not created before to begin their own creative path, it must be the magic!

Traditional Art

Of course, the local Thai community are the ones who begin our creative introduction, with their many skills in Thai crafts and art, you can see beautiful things that you have never seen before.

Wonderful paintings of buddha or carvings and statues. You just have to look at the many gloriously crafted temples to understand that Thai people have a particular eye for art and aesthetics.

You can see some interesting Thai sculptures at Wat Samai Kongka Temple which are said to be about the lessons of karma and Buri Beach Resort in Haad Rin has some beautiful thai decorations in their lobby.
Artist Studio in Thong Sala

Modern Art

Over the last few years, more and more artists have been visiting the island, most liken it to a great source of inspiration with its wonderful nature, energy and the fact that all of the people you will meet will inspire you also.

So you may notice street art now on Koh Phangan, sometimes all out there for you to see on a large scale and sometimes more hidden, you’ll have to keep your eye out!

You can read our Ban Kai to Thong Sala art trail article to get you started on a little tour.

You may notice at some of the parties that they have art in the surroundings or even live art happening with performances also.
Performance Art at Jungle Experience


When it comes to fashion you will be nicely surprised at a wide spectrum here on the island. You can find high-quality trance wear to your wear once neon full moon party t-shirts.

There is a great range of clothes shops to chose from and also the markets offer affordable clothing. You can even find almost designer wear here, read our high-end fashion article for more.

The island often showcases some of its talented designers and shops with fashion shows and there are exhibitions happening all the time.
Trance Fashion in Thong Sala

Jewellery Makers

Koh Phangan is also host to beautiful jewellery makers and shops that offer unique and bespoke pieces that you will not find anywhere else. If you are interested in the power of stones then this is your place!
Jewelry on Koh Phangan

Art Supplies

Koh Phangan has a selection of shops where you can buy art and craft supplies. There is a small shop on Walking street in Thong Sala, also known as the school shop which has stationary, paint, pencils, paper, canvas and craft materials.
There are also 20 Baht shops where you may find useful materials. If you are looking for something more specific then you can order online and have it easily delivered to the island from Bangkok and it won't take long.
Local craftspeople such as carpenters can make your frame for canvas and there are also material shops to buy fabric by the metre for clothes making.


Businesses often have art and crafts classes. You can find an array of activities such as dream catcher making, upcycling, clothes swapping and making, painting classes and jewellery courses such as silver work.
Classes are often advertised online in Koh Phangan groups and pages or posters can be seen on noticeboards around the island.

Art and Fashion Markets

With its Bohemian feel, the way Koh Phangan shows art is mostly through markets and events outside. One of the most popular being Seaboard once a week with artisans and music and recently the Art Market hosted by Siam Healing centre with a focus on sustainability.
Art and Fashion markets are popping up more and more on the island with regular events plus one-off shows, here is where you can see all the artists, designers and craftspeople all in one space to either purchase work or enjoy the artistic atmosphere.


As the island remains a paradise that is not overdeveloped you will not find your standard gallery here. However, it does exhibitions in its own unique way. May restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments have artwork up to exhibit, sometimes holding a special event, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open for these pop-up style exhibitions.