Great Local Places to Eat Thai Food on Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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We all know what a wonderful cuisine Thai Food is, with its rule of spicy, sour, sweet, salt as elements in all dishes this makes the food a wonderful concoction of aromatic flavours and unforgettable bite.

Thai food is now popular worldwide with many restaurants in major cities and towns throughout the globe but the only place you’ll be able to try the real stuff is here in Thailand!

You may find it slightly spicier but the flavour will be incredible due to the local herbs and spices which many are grown here on the island or close by. Most Thai people will have some kind of herb growing in their garden if not a few, if you get to speak to them they can show you, let you smell them and tell you what they are used for. It’s a delight when you discover there’s a kafir lime tree close to you or some Thai vegetable growing that you have only ever seen chopped up in your green curry before!

Thai Food Koh Phangan
The Southern part of Thailand is known for it’s more spicy flavour and the use of coconuts also. It is influenced by Indonesia and Malaysia and you will find more fish dishes here as we are very close to the ocean!

Although Koh Phangan is in the South you can find Northern dishes here like Khao Soi, a spicy yet sweet Burmese inspired noodle soup.


Nong View Restaurant
Baan Kai

When you see locals dining in a restaurant, it's always a positive indication. For one of our very favourites 'Nong View' Thai restaurant in Baan Kai, this is undoubtedly the case, we know it is very popular among us ex-pats, local Thai citizens and tourists as well. 
For its 24 years of operation, Nong View has always been in the same place, but it began slightly smaller and grew bigger with them as the years went by. As well as a VIP room used for dining and local events, the restaurant now has a generous seating space. 
The menu comprises around 150 separate foods, which is a high number, however, you can be confident that each is wonderful and wonderfully crafted in its Southern Thai style custom, unlike other places usually with a vast menu.

Nong View

Baan Boontom Somtum and Gallery
Thong Sala

Baan Boontom is known for its Isaan style food and is a real favourite amongst locals. At first, they were making very real authentic Isaan food but they had to change it a little for the people from the South to be able to eat it. Real Isaan food is too spicy, too smelly and sometimes too raw for the Southern Thai palate. They changed it to be slightly less, less bold flavours but to still taste delicious!
The food is delicious, very fresh and full of delicate yet strong flavour with an authentic touch, perfect to enjoy with a few friends. Try the pork neck with a spicy dip, som tam with salted egg and delicious fried chicken with sticky rice.

Baan Boontom

Jimmy’s Thai Food
Baan Kai

Jimmy’s Thai Food is a small family-run restaurant located just past the one-way system in Baan Tai, serving all kinds of Thai cuisine including Northern, Southern and Isaan. The food is traditional and delicious, and the portions generous. Try the noodle soup with beef dumplings, fried rice with prawns, duck with rice and Pad Thai.

Jimmy's Thai Food

Ladino Restaurant
Haad Rin

The restaurant has been open since 2010 and Ta is a qualified chef who learnt her skills at one of Bangkok's cooking schools. They have a very varied menu which changes frequently, thai food as well as international. They serve a delicious roasted curry where the duck is soft and sweet with chunks of pineapple and tomatoes which compliment the earthy yet light sauce.
This curry is from central south Thailand which means that it is similar to the South but with more aroma and less spice.

Ladino Restaurant

Nahm Talay Thai Restaurant by Zama Resort
Haad Yao

Nahm Talay offers a traditional Thai kitchen with dishes from various parts of the country cooked by a Thai Chef. Excellent and authentic cuisine with great service and ambience that compliment each other.

Nahm Talay

JJ’s Resort and Restaurant
Hin Kong

Western and Thai Restaurant with excellent Food and a Sunset View. A family run business that is well-known for its Burmese Salad and Thai dishes as well as Vegetarian and Vegan food, healthy drinks and shakes.


Thongyang Sea View
Haad Rin Hills

A stunning panorama view of Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Angthong Marine Park, especially at sunset. Serving Thai and fresh seafood, BBQ and cold drinks.

Thongyang Sea View

Luna Lounge
Thong Nai Pan Noi

A homely restaurant where the staff are very professional and welcoming and have been trained very well. The restaurant has a very relaxed vibe and customers are encouraged to dine at the tables or on the sofas. The seafood is lovely there and the wine selection is very good. A more high-end Thai dining experience.

Luna Lounge

Pom Pui
Sri Thanu

Incredible value with large portions and excellent quality. The chef is hilarious and friendly who creates a nice atmosphere. Dishes such as green curry and stir-fried basil chicken are popular and it gets busy so be aware of this.

Pom Pui

Mama Pooh’s
Sri Thanu

Mama Pooh's is a small restaurant by the main road in Sri Thanu which is very authentic and has friendly staff whose English skills are limited but they have numbers on the menu so you just write down your choice of food and drinks, mark how spicy you would like your food to be and wait for Mama Pooh to cook for you. They have a large menu with not only the common Thai dishes you can get everywhere. Sometimes they even have special deals. 

Mama Pooh's

Nine Restaurant and Bar
Thong Sala

Amazing food with great hosts who can explain everything and give recommendations for food., The cooks are local Thai and they have great music, free pool tables and a nice atmosphere.

Nine Bar and Restaurant

Baan Tai

Fish restaurant with Thai cuisine recipes on the menu. Good for romantic dinners or when you want something a little more special. The fish curries are beautiful and all cooked by local chefs.


Phangan Food Court and Panthip Market

Here are where you will find an assortment of different stalls selling Thai food. Some focus on just one dish and others have a few. Usually, you’ll find some of the best Thai cuisines at these types of markets so it’s definitely worthwhile going at least once, but you will go back!