Most Interesting Thailand Cruises

20 Aug 2023

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Are you searching for something different to do in Thailand? You've found it here! 

Thailand's tourism has increased over time because it's one of the prettiest countries in Southeast Asia, and there are countless amazing things to do! The country has so much to offer, from golf courses to white sandy beaches; historical temples to amusement parks; trekking and waterfalls to a vibrant nightlife; delicious cuisine to fasting retreats; etc. 

But if you're looking for something interesting - an outside-of-the-box idea - you should add a cruise to your itinerary. Likewise, suppose you live in Thailand and want to take a vacation without leaving the country. In that case, Thailand cruises are a fantastic opportunity to experience the Land of Smiles in a new way. 

Cruises around, to, and from Thailand let you explore landmarks, islands, colourful floating markets and more. You can relax while drifting down the Chao Phraya River or sailing across the Gulf of Thailand. Don't miss this fantastic experience because it will make your trip to Thailand more memorable. 

Thailand Cruises to Mesmerize the Senses 

Most large and luxury Thailand cruises depart from Laem Chabang in Bangkok. The smaller ones depart from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, and several other locations.

The best time for a boat cruise in Thailand is between November to April. 

And now, the moment you've been waiting for, listed below are some of the most interesting Thailand cruises guaranteed to give you cherishable memories! 


River Kwai Cruise

The RV River Kwai cruise is a five-star inland cruise that takes you up and down the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi Province (a must-visit destination west of Bangkok). It's a super cosy boat, accommodating a maximum of 20 passengers at a time in 10 teakwood cabins. It's a single deck vessel built in a colonial style.

It's a popular trip because it includes morning and afternoon excursions and tours and even offers a golfing package that takes you to three fabulous courses during the voyage. In addition, the trip lasts up to seven days - longer than most cruises that don't leave the country.

Attractions include historical sites, local attractions, temples, Khmer ruins, war cemeteries, waterfalls, and hot springs.  

  • Route: River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Province
  • Duration: Four to seven days, depending on the package chosen
  • Departures: Every Monday from upstream and Thursday from downstream
  • Price: About 32,350 baht for four days / 55,000 for seven days per person


Ayutthaya Tour, Including River Cruise

Ayutthaya temples are a must-see day trip from Bangkok. This cruise includes a tour to the ancient capital of Siam and a riverboat ride with close-up views of the river's temples and historic sites. 

Over nine hours, you will visit Ayutthaya and Bang Pa's temples, then hop back on the boat to learn about them while cruising down the River of Kings, enjoying a fresh buffet lunch with family and friends.

Route: The River of Kings in Bangkok to Ayutthaya and back.

  • Duration: nine hours
  • Departures: Daily
  • Price: About 2,200 baht per person


Loy Pela Voyages

This is another cruise that takes you down the River of Kings to Ayutthaya, but it does so entirely different. Loy Pela is a luxury spa and fine dining experience. 

These luxury barges accommodate a maximum of eight people, allowing you to throw the private party or group spiritual adventure of a lifetime. The environment is intimate, and the setting is peaceful. This trip lets you savour the sailing life with friends while experiencing creative gastronomy by elite chefs and watching the country's rich tapestry pass you by. 

Loy Pela Voyage to Thailand's ancient capital is good for body, mind, and soul. As part of the journey, wellness practitioners guide you to find self-enlightenment amid Chao Phraya's beautiful scenery. In addition, artist and teacher Mai Intarakanchit will lead a two-hour art session - a meditative experience designed to help you achieve mindfulness by harnessing creativity.

Then, restore energy and balance with cutting-edge treatments like IV drips, spa therapies, and holistic meals. For example, VIVID by Verita Health's IV drip will boost your immune system, leaving you radiant and energized.

  • Route: Depart and Return from Anantara Riverside Pier in Bangkok
  • Duration: three days (2-night stay on Loy River Song)
  • Price: 160,000 baht per cabin (private charter available, price on request)


Floating Market Of Damnoen Saduak Cruise

This private tour of Damnoen Saduak's floating markets is a unique experience, perfect for travellers looking to get off the city streets and enjoy the local culture and character. Instead of a tuk-tuk, you'll be sitting in a traditional long-tail boat coasting down the canals of the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets in Ratchaburi. 

  • Route: Saduak floating markets (Ratchaburi via van from Bangkok)
  • Duration: seven hours
  • Departures: Daily
  • Price: about 2,200 baht per person


Wan Fah Chao Phraya Riverboat Cruise

The Wan Fan Chao Phraya River dinner cruise is a popular Thai trip. The two-hour cruise includes a delicious meal. It is a relaxing evening out on the water. You can enjoy cruising down the river for dinner, admiring Bangkok's riverside landmarks outside, and singers and dancers performing inside the boat. 

  • Route: Depart from Asiatique pier, Bangkok 
  • Duration: approximately two hours
  • Departures: 7.00 PM daily
  • Price: about 1,300 baht per person


Rice Barge Afternoon Cruise

Enjoy the Thai scenery from Bangkok's rice barge afternoon cruises. It's easy to relax as you glide through Bangkok's canals on a long-tailed boat. You can observe locals going about their daily routine on land and enjoy local fresh fruits and drinks. 

  • Route: Bangkok canals to Chao Phraya river to restored rice barge and back.
  • Duration: three hours
  • Departures: daily
  • Price: about 1,250 baht per person


Koh Samui Island Cruise

This cruise visits Koh Samui's beautiful beaches. Around Koh Tan, also known as Green Peace island, you can snorkel, swim, or soak up the sun. Lastly, enjoy a tasty Thai lunch and relaxing free time before returning to the hotel.

  • Route: From Bug Buddha beach, sail to Tong Sai, Cheong Mon, Chaweng Beach, and lastly, Green peace island before coming back.
  • Duration: seven hours
  • Departures: Sunday, Tuesday, Friday
  • Price: about 2,200 baht per person



Thai Yachts Sunset Boutique Cruise

Relax by peacefully sailing to the island of Ang Thong Marine Park on a classic Thai yacht. This sunset boutique cruise is a treat! As part of the trip's fun activities, you can kayak along the coast and through tunnels while admiring the sunset from the Blue Lagoon viewpoint and take a stroll to the emerald lake for a deliciously prepared meal. In addition, the company offers a variety of sailing cruise experiences, ensuring a memorable vacation.

  • Route: From Koh Samui, sail through Ang Thong National Park and the Emerald Lake before returning to Koh Samui.
  • Duration: eight hours
  • Departures: Daily
  • Price: about 3,400 baht per person


Luxury Cruises to Thailand

On a trip to Thailand, you will visit some of the world's most beautiful pristine beaches, sample unusual tastes, and immerse yourself in centuries-old cultural traditions. Why not do it from a luxury cruise? You can make your way to Thailand by ship instead of an airplane and visit other Southeast Asian countries along the way. Luxury cruises to Thailand are a true feast for the senses, allowing you to visit Bangkok 

Bangkok, the perennially lively and enchantingly chaotic capital of Thailand, where you will see gorgeous temples, golden Buddhas, colorful street life, and friendly people. Then, discover some of the finest beaches in the world on Koh Samui, where you may relax under the shade of a coconut palm. Next, stop Phuket, where you may admire the magnificence of golden-roofed Buddhist temples and indulge in delectable cuisine renowned for its aromatic Thai spices. 

On a Celebrity Cruises or Royal Caribbean ship, you will return each day from your excursions ashore to opulent accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and relaxing spa treatments. If that doesn’t sound like the best thing in the world, nothing will! 

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