Finding Oasis on Koh Phangan

1 Oct 2019

Bottle Beach or in other words, lovers oasis, is home to travellers in search of pristine white sand and see through water. The adventure to get there is even better. One can arrive via boat or hike, but the hike is absolutely recommended for the journey there.

While a boat tour there and back can be beautiful (not to mention a great way to view the island) the jungle hike to the beach is far more rewarding. Adventuring through the jungle can lead to incredible encounters with the wildlife. Monkeys will walk right past you as though you do not exist; chickens will wander around with their newborns in tow.

Upon arrival you can be greeted by swings, 40-meter long walks into the ‘deep’ of the sea, and a lopsided pool table with misshapen, miniature balls - a challenge worth diving into. The middle of the beach boasts a half-submerged hammock which can provide much needed relief from the hour long journey prior - just be sure you’re the first in your group to arrive.

The beach is surrounded by rocks which can be climbed over if one is in search of the perfect viewpoint. The view is a great reward, it is practically unbeatable: the mountains come together at such an angle that one can see three at once. Just be sure to leave right before sunset, when the boat ride home can reveal a most beautiful view of the sun setting upon the water (it’s a well planned 2 for 1).

If you are in search of a perfect day filled with relaxation and people-watching couples: this is your place. Arrive, grab a large Leo (or five), find the talking bird kept behind one of the bars (it boasts some serious pipes; shouldn’t be hard to find), attempt to teach it some other word than “Koh Phangan,” and enjoy a perfect day at the practically private beach.