Koh Phangan’s Biggest Yang Na Tree

12 Feb 2021

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It is one of the island’s most famous natural landmarks and stands at an astonishing 13 to 14 metres tall.

The Yang Na Tree, ‘Dipterocarpus Alatus’ is commonly found here in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and can grow to up to 50 metres tall in its natural habitat.

There is not so much information on our very own Yang Tree but the name comes from the sap or resin that can be collected from it and these trees have been used to harvest rubber yet this one was left to grow by the community and has now reached its great height.

At the bottom of the tree you will find colourful ribbons and flowers tied around the tree and this is done to indicate that the tree is lucky, anything natural and old in Thai Culture is considered luck and this also shows that no harm can come to the tree.

Some people believe that certain trees have spirits, for example their is another Yang Tree in Wok Tum called ‘Long Boo’.

The story is that the spirit of long boo visited the man who owned the land it was on and told him not to sell it and the man listened to this mystical message. The land remained with the same family since then and Long Boo is still there protecting the place.

Some people may feel the same about the Biggest Yang Na tree, our Thai friend recently told us that it is the tallest tree on the entire island and ranks highly in the tallest trees of ALL Thailand!

You can find the majestic tree close to Wat Pho temple in Baan Tai, it is definitely worth a visit!