Health benefits of the Kaffir Lime ands its Aromatic Leaves

12 Feb 2021

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Here at Phanganist HQ we are lucky enough to have a kaffir lime tree just four steps from the door. You’ll often find us with a jug of concoction made from kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger on our desks to ‘make our water healthy and beneficial'.

We didn’t really know exactly what benefits the kaffir lime leaves had, just that they smelt nice and calming so we did a bit of research to find out.

Kaffir limes are native to Asia and have a uniquely tart flavour that is more potent than normal limes and lemons.

The kaffir lime is highly respected in herbal medicine and the oil, leaves, fruits and rind are often used as they contain a high concentration of alkaloids and other substances that give them their aroma and benefits.

Kaffir lime is used a lot in thai cooking but be careful as the leaves and rind have a powerful flavour which can sometimes overtake.

Promotes oral health
This is to do with the leaves, not the fruit. You can rub them directly onto the gums which helps eliminate harmful bacteria.

Detoxify blood
The kaffir lime oil is mixed into different tinctures which can help people with blood born diseases.

Digestive issues
Components found in kaffir lime are the same found in lemongrass which are anti-inflammatory but can also be stimulating for the digestive system.

Insect repellent
The citronellol and limonene found in kaffir limes is unappealing to insects like mosquitoes, you can rub the juice straight on for a quick fix!

Healthy skin
The juice of the lime can be mixed into certain cosmetics and the antioxidant compounds and acids help to neutralise free radicals.

Boost the immune system
The antibacterial and antioxidants in kaffir limes help boost your immune system.

Healthy hair
A lesser known fact about the kaffir lime is that the juice and leaves can help strengthen the hair follicles and also moisturise the skin on your scalp which helps prevent dandruff and improve the appearance and shine!