Body Healing

Koh Phangan has become world renowned for its Yoga but you will also find many other spiritual, healing and holistic treatments and courses here which are perfect for healing one's body.

This is why people call Phangan ‘Magic Island’, there’s something in the air. The island is just a wonderful place to come and heal whether it is from something physical or spiritual as we are a tropical island, there is beautiful nature and a warm climate which always helps when healing.

Here on Koh Phangan you will find an array of people with different skills from all over the world however the famous body healing technique we all know and love would be the homegrown ‘Thai Massage’. Thai massage was performed by monks as one component of Thai medicine. Thai massage has the following benefits, it relaxes, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy, increases flexibility, improves range of motion and centers the mind and body.

As well as the traditional thai massage you also have many other messages such as Ayurvedic, oil massage, herbal and ‘bone fixing etc.

Another place you can heal your body is the Sauna or Steam room and Koh Phangan has some lovely ones. There are traditional steam rooms at Wat Pho Temple, more glamourous herbal saunas and even ‘The Dome’ which is famous for its hippy happenings.

Of course we have to mention the Yoga here on Phangan, it has now one of the largest concentrations of yoga schools in the world and as well as being physically good for your body it can help heal the mind too. In the area of Sri Thanu you will find healing centres and lots of holistic practices on offer to try. Try out a yoga class to see if you are interested!

Even if there is nothing wrong with you you will feel your ‘body healing’ here on the magical island of Koh Phangan, have a browse through our articles and try something new!