Natural Hangover Cures to get you Back to Your Best!!

12 Feb 2021

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Yet another Full Moon Week is over, we all know that it’s not just one day of partying but many.

Most people will experience a hangover at some point in their lives, there’s nothing wrong with it. You’ve had fun, danced and drank just a few too many shots and forgot to drink water along the way…

We want to give you some natural tips for helping you banish that hangover so it doesn’t ruin the rest of your day on paradise island.

Okay so let’s start with the obvious, you’re gonna be dehydrated so make sure you keep topped up with water, especially essential in this hot weather.

Electrolyte fluids
These are rich fluids with electrolytes to help speed up the hydration process but don’t reach for the sports drink. Coconut water is full of natural electrolytes plus they are readily available on Phangan.

But it’s not just being dehydrated that causes a hangover…

Bananas have loads of potassium in them and potassium is lost when you drink alcohol so it needs to be replaced.

Again, bananas are widely available on the island, you can enjoy it in shake or smoothie form if you can’t bring yourself to chew yet!


Most of us tend to go easy on the carbs but as long as you’re eating whole grain then you should be ok but hangover day is a day where you should eat some!

You may not feel hungry at first but the carbs will help soak up the alcohol left in your stomach.

The natural sugars in honey will help the body metabolise any alcohol left and it is great with bananas!

This is a new discovery for us in terms of hangover cures but tomatoes are full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that the alcohol would have taken from you the night before!

This is why people drink bloody marys, the alcohol in bloody marys will only be a short term ‘hair of the dog’ fix so maybe opt for the ‘virgin mary’.

We have written a whole article on the benefits of ginger before, ginger is super medicinal! This will help cure your nausea and vomiting (if it’s already started!).

Other solutions to try

A hot shower
You need to get the alcohol out of you and a third of toxic body waste is removed through your skin. Have a nice long hot shower or bath to help speed the process up and even maybe go to the sauna if you can face it!

Take a nap
Sleeping is the body’s natural way of healing itself so get up when you wake, try out some natural cures and then take a little nap during the heat of the afternoon when it’s too hot to do anything anyway, enjoy!

You probably don’t want to go hardcore in the gym but a bit of exercise, preferably outdoors in fresh air will make you feel better rather than wallowing in self pity.

Hope this helps!!!