‘Goodnight and Sweet Dreams’ on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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After a busy week, month or even one day you may find it harder to sleep. Late nights partying or working over full moon can kick your body right out of it’s sleep pattern and sleep is very important.

When we don’t get enough sleep we can become irritable, confused and not able to do our tasks as well as if we had had a good seven or eight hours of undisturbed sleep the night before.

Who wants to lack energy and be moody here on the tropical beauty that is Phangan? No one!

But we don’t want you all to reach for some sleeping pills when we can take this into our own natural hands…

Sleep Routine
More for the long term really but try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up when you wake up so that your body can fix its pattern again.

During the day try to do a bit of exercise, it will help you use up some pent up energy. Don’t do it too close to your bedtime though or you will still be high from adrenaline!

Here in the morning the first thing we do is have a cup of tea or coffee, yes that’s fine but try to cut out caffeine by lunchtime otherwise this will keep you up in the night.

This goes for nicotine too so don’t smoke too close to bedtime.

No Nightcaps
Yes ‘hair of the dog’ seems like a good idea, but you may end up topping yourself up from the night before. Alcohol may help you drift off easier but you’ll wake up mid sleep and not be able to get back off again.

Turn off the lights
We’ve all got so many gadgets now, phones, laptops and other electronic equipment. But turn them off! Or have them in a different room as the glow can disturb you trying to get to sleep. Get your bedroom nice and dark so that your body recognises that it’s time for sleep!

Try to really unwind in the evening, if you still have stuff on your mind then make a list, get it out of your head and deal with these things in the morning.

Have a bath, meditate or drink some natural teas to relax.

Goodnight x