How to Deal with Injuries from Minor Accidents Yourself

12 Feb 2021

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It happens, you may slip over a slippery rock on a scramble around a rocky beach or park your bike on a wonky hill etc and then you cut yourself or get a graze.

A common injury is an exhaust burn from your motorbike! Ouch, they hurt!

Obviously seek medical advice but if you know that it is just a minor injury then there are a few things you can do to help it heal and keep it clean.

You can clean the wound with alcohol, there is a blue liquid which is Ethyl Alcohol solution which you can use to clean a wound.

Also you can use hydrogen peroxide. Now the good thing about this is that it fizzes up on the wound, this fizz takes out all the nasty stuff so it’s good to use this if you think that it may be dirty.

After you have cleaned the wound you want it to dry, naturally is best.

Once dry you can then use what is called pisses powder and is just 15 Baht per sachet from a pharmacy or Banocin powder which does the same job.

These powders will help keep the wound dry and help it heal in the beginning stages.

It is also good at first to get yourself a wound covering to put on after this process to keep it all in and to not let it get dirty at first.

Also try to keep it dry, yes annoying, no swimming, yes have a shower but repeat this cleaning process a few times.

Most of the pharmacies on Koh Phangan will give you good advice about minor injuries which will save you money rather than going to the hospital, but use your own judgement as well and if you think it is more serious then seek more serious help.

Antibiotics are available over the counter which will speed up the healing process in this climate but be aware of asking for them without penicillin if you are allergic etc…

Again this is just advice, seek proper medical attention if needed.