Sleeping Naked

12 Feb 2021

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Hundreds of thousands of people around the world, not just on Koh Phangan, do not know the advantages of sleeping naked.

In other words pyjamas are bad for you! Sleeping without clothing is much healthier and it's even scientifically proven.

As you can see, the Phanganist dogs have got it right!

The problem is that very few people do it. In the US for example only eight percent of people sleep completely naked.

Are there many in Koh Phangan?l?

Even when we have a bedroom that is as hot as a sauna there are still probably many people wearing fabrics.

This is a pity as being in lots of fabric does not make you happy while sleeping. Do you not believe us?

Well, you should, and you'll have to continue reading the following seven reasons:

You will sleep better.
Your sophisticated body lowers your body heat during sleep and thus allows you to sleep more soundly. When you wear pajamas, you continue to warm your body preventing the body to cool itself.

This way of sleeping can even lead to insomnia, and believe us, you do not want to get that on this island (unless you spend constant nights at all the wonderful parties of course!!)

You decrease the volume of your stomach.
What happens with your body in the course of sleep, so that everything works properly, the body avoids increasing cortisol which is a hormone that makes you very hungry.

But, in the morning, the body begins to prepare for the next day and starts to secrete cortisol again.

The only problem is that if sleep is disturbed in the night, the body thinks it is going to wake up and BOOM, it secretes cortisol, so in the morning you wake up with more of this hormone.

So as a result of uninterrupted and a deeper sleep you wake up with less and less cortisol, thus you have less of an appetite.

You can ventilate parts of your body that you normally wouldn’t do.
Men, this part is less relevant to you but you must keep reading for purely a knowledge point of view, so have fun.

For the ladies it is important to allow parts of the body which are kept under wraps for most of the day have some fresh air.

Airing of this area which is locked up for most of the day without wearing any fabrics during the night will result in a certain sensitive area having the freedom it needs which it is usually denied most of the time.

You will feel more energetic/horny.
When you wake up commando alongside your girlfriend (or whoever it is who sleeps with you), this automatic nakedness will be good for your libido.

This will mean you will start the day in a very happy way indeed.

Happier days
After going through the previous fact this leads us to the issue that going commando will lead to more action in the morning which results in the body’s release in Oxytocin.

Ocytocin reduces stress and is a natural anti depressant so you will feel happy not only in bed in the morning with your partner but this will lead to a happier day all round.

Skip a shower.
A shower in the morning is a usual act on this island especially during this ridiculous hot period.

However it’s not unusual to wake up late for an appointment and having a shower can make you late for this meeting.

Sleeping naked will, as we described lead to a cooler evening and less sweating and this can help you with time in the morning to do what you need to do.

Just clean your teeth, nobody likes a meet a dragon breath! There is a shower available in a bottle labeled Lynx or Nivea available at all 7/11’s and local Family Marts! If needed.

It's an easier life.
You are tired and it is late and you can't find clean pyjamas or sleeping attire, then don’t wear any!

You will have less laundry to do saving time and money. We advise you to close your curtains if you decide to walk around your house naked!

Please don’t do this outside you will probably get arrested quicker than you will go viral on the internet from someone's camera phone!