An Experience with Acupuncture on Koh phangan

6 May 2018

It can’t be said often enough, taking care of yourself whilst traveling is very important. Acupuncture can be the solution for your healing, your relaxation and to avoid conventional drug treatments.

This branch of Chinese medicine involves stimulating specific areas and meridians by inserting needles on the upper layer of the epidermis.

There is a psychological side that will regulate certain psychic functions and a physical side that helps vital energy to circulate in order to fight against diseases and pain. This type of medicine is also used to prevent diseases.

Acupuncture is recognised for treating:

joint pain

the side effects of heavy chemical treatments

nausea of pregnancy

chronic migraines

and for relaxation of course!

This personalised therapy requires a long interrogation time considering family, medical and psychological backgrounds as well as the environment of the patient..

My personal experience by Amaury Thuillier
I tried for you one of the centres of acupuncture on Koh Phangan as I had a painful knee after two meniscus operations.

I went to Mineral Dead Sea Spa next to the Fisherman’s Restaurant in Ban Tai. This centre is run by two expats from Israel and you can have many body care treatments such as massage, sauna, doctor fish, shiatsu and more. I had acupuncture for more than 1 hour and it cost me 800 baht (much cheaper than in Europe).

I met Migel, a doctor from Israel who is specialised in Acupuncture and Shiatsu with such good vibes and he knows a lot of things about natural and traditional medicine.

Firstly, we discussed for 10 minutes about what happened to my knee and the other health problems I could have. Then Migel pressed the spot that was hurting and other areas in my body because a pain often creates other pains.

Once he found all the spots that hurt, he started to insert needles in my knee with 15 minutes of rest after. During this time I felt a lot of sensations as the energy of my body was going into my knee with some kind of electrical shock; but it didn’t hurt me at all!

Then Miguel came back and inserted other needles lower in the leg to let through the energy in my body that was blocked around the knee.

Finally we talked together because this guy is really open minded and very interesting.

3 days later, I feel better!

If you can not get rid of some pain or chronic migraines, do not hesitate to try acupuncture, it could greatly help you.