The Beautiful 'Bhuyana Spa' with Kung at Buri Beach Resort

14 Jun 2016

The Bhuyana Spa at Buri Beach Resort is a beautiful space for guests and all other visitors to Koh Phangan to enjoy.

Phanganist headed down to meet Spa Manager Kung who originates from Isan but now calls Phangan her beloved home.

Kung spent ten years in Bangkok learning her skills before moving to Koh Phangan one year ago.

She specialises in Thai Massage with oil and aromatics which she learnt at Wat Pho in the capital city.

Bhuyana Spa is well equipped with many beds yet a sense of privacy to the different sections so that Kung’s customers will always feel happy and relaxed which is important to her

We asked what she loved about her job...
‘I love everything, I like especially to make the customers feel happy’.

The great thing about Buri Beach Resort is that they really do take care of their customers well and this is one of the reasons that they have an on site spa. Customers can treat themselves and truly be de-stressed whilst enjoying their paradise break.

Kung uses natural products for her oils and aromatherapy and they prize themselves on traditional thai treatments.

Customers often say to Kung that they feel ‘perfect and really happy’ after a treatment in the spa and she offers Phanganist the chance to experience her famous touch!

We are led to the back of the spa, through the authentic yet modern decor to a bed at the rear with complete privacy.

Kung is very welcoming and you know that she wants to heal your tension and make you relax.

The experience is wonderful, oil is applied so that her hands run smoothly over your skin with a gentle aromatic fragrance and Kung finds your knots and tangles, some that you didn’t even know existed and gently rubs them from existence.

This ancient thai massage makes secrets unfold as your body goes on a journey towards complete stress and tension release and it helps with blood flow in the body.

After a lot of hard work it feels ecstatically wonderful to be relieved from this tension, in the back but also in the legs. Whether you know it or not, thoughts and feelings from your mind will come into your body so any worries or stress makes you tense, after Kung’s massage we feel consciously lighter in our limbs.

It is not a cracking and pulling massage but a gentle one with just enough pressure so that you can notice a difference.

So what does Kung enjoy about the island when she is not helping others in the spa?
‘The nice beaches and beautiful mountains’.

We agree! And what better place to enjoy all of this than at Buri Beach Resort, situated on the peaceful end of the glorious Haad Rin beach with views high into the mountains where you can go and visit Kung in Bhuyana Spa.

Thank you Kung and we will see you again!