They're Juicy, Tasty and Local! The Tropical Mango on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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There are several reasons to eat Mango….not just because they are juicy and extremely tasty.


Mango fruit is not only a great dessert it is also an effective preventive drug for colorectal cancer, according to a study conducted at the University of Texas.

The study found that mango has the ability to inhibit the development of cancer cells, this study examined the effect of mango on five different varieties of Cancer.


Extraction of polyphenols from Mango fruit tested on colon cancer cells, breast, lung, leukemia and prostate. A big effect was an impact on breast cancer cells and colon cancer - the polyphenols caused apoptosis (suicide) of the cancer cells.

Importantly, this had no negative effect on healthy cells.

Either way, eating a mango fruit will benefit the colon and people have a tendency to have problems in this area without knowing it. The only people who need to be careful of eating mangoes are diabetics, as the mango fruit contains a relatively high amount of sugar.

Mango season is usually from March to May but extends a little longer here in the south. At the moment you may of noticed the smaller varieties of mango are in season and they are widely available on the island at the moment.

Do not throw the core of the Mango away….This is called the Mango Kernel -

Mango kernel is also used for healing. You can use it to prepare a decoction which is good for situations of diarrhea and intestinal worms. If a mango tree grows in your garden - a decoction off the tree would be for good situations involving diarrhea, diabetes, blood pressure and fever.


Mango has more vitamin C than oranges. To be precise twenty times more than oranges. Mango also contains a fair amount of Iron and Vitamin A.

Although you do not eat the mango peel, it is recommended to wash the the fruit as this may contain some resin that may cause a rash and skin irritation.


Also, do not be fooled by the mango color. Ripe mango can be completely green. Always smell the fruit and feel how soft it is.



Mango is great for the skin -


Mango prevents clogged pores and prevents pimples, so eat it or you can apply directly to the skin.

Mango linked to healthy eyes -


One cup of mango has about a quarter of the daily amount of vitamin A necessary for the functioning of vision and prevents night blindness and dry eyes.


Mango is good for diabetics if used correctly -


Mango leaves a good balance of insulin levels in the blood. But as previously advised it has a high sugar contact so please watch the amount of mango you eat.

The mango leaves can be boiled in  water, then let the mixture soak overnight and it is a great energy drink for the morning.


So if you needed any more reasons to eat this beautiful fruit then there you are - Mangos’ are available everywhere on the island so make sure you buy one when you are next at the market or grocery store.