Koh Phangan is a fantastic place for sport, with the ocean waves for all kinds of watersports to the mountainous hills for adventures and of course Muay Thai Boxing with the island’s many gyms and arenas. You have the benefit of a hot sunny climate all year round to enjoy all kinds of sports whilst you are here.

Muay Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand and Koh Phangan is becoming increasingly more popular as a destination for travellers to come and learn the art of Muay Thai, it's airy outdoor gyms and highly educated teachers are a big attraction for many. Once you have finished training for the day you can go to the beautiful beaches, the jungle or even to a party which you cannot do on the mainland.

When you learn Muay Thai you learn the skills to be able to save yourself, it is self defence. Muay Thai is part of the old culture of Thailand and plays an important part in the hearts of the people here.

Another well known sport on Phangan would be kite surfing and you can find a number of schools and instructors where you can learn and enjoy this exhilarating experience on the sea. As well as kite surfing the island now has wind surfing, wakeboarding, paddle boards and other water activities!

The more Western sport of Football (or soccer) has seen an increase in popularity here on the island, you will still find people playing at the beach or now at the modern facilities found at Phangan Arena who hold tournaments for the foreign and Thai communities.

We hope you enjoy our sports section and can stay fit and healthy whilst you are on Koh Phangan!