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Phanganist Meets Pik, One of the Full Moon Marathon Runners

5 Oct 2016

The Full Moon Marathon will happen on October the 16th, you can still enter to run!

But, you will have some good competition as experience marathon runner Pik will be taking part and here’s what he has to say...

Pik, you work for Singha Beer, what do you do?
I have been working with them for three years in the warehouse.

And what brings you to Koh Phangan?
The company opened an office here so I move between the two, here and Surat Thani which is where I am from.

What kinds of marathons have you run before?
I run 5km, 10km and 21km marathons, the last one was last year in Surat Thani.

What got you interested in marathons?
I have liked running since I was young, you have to train every day, run every day.

I have been running from Baan Tai to Thong Sala.

What distance will you run for the Full Moon Marathon?
21km and I am ready for it, I have been running every year.

What do you enjoy about marathons?
I am happy when I’m running, I don’t smoke, it keeps my body fit and my friends run. Girls are pretty when they’re running also!

Will you go to the Full Moon Party after?
Yeah! I like to go and like it very much!

How long do the marathons take you?
For 5 km it’s about 20 minutes, 10 km is 47 minutes and 21 km is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

How will running over the Haad Rin hills be?
Sabai sabai but very tiring!

Why do you think it’s good to have a marathon on Koh Phangan?
It’s good for the body, you can enjoy it and it is relaxing.

And when will be your next marathon?
This one and then the Surat Thani half marathon.