Meditation on Koh Phangan

7 Jul 2022

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As Koh Phangan has grown into one of the biggest yoga centres on the globe, other spiritual practices have too, for they are all connected. However, as a Buddhist country, meditation in already deeply rooted in the culture and is especially practised by the Buddhist monks here.


Buddhist Meditation in Thailand

All aspects of Buddhism have originated from the insights of the Buddha on the essence of creation, the causes of misery, causes of satisfaction, and guidance for living a good and constructive. The tradition of Buddhist meditation has now expanded outside the boundaries of the countries where it has developed organically and is more readily accessible than ever before. 
As part of the road to liberation, awakening and Nirvana, Buddhists follow meditation and a range of meditation techniques such as mindfulness, Anapanasati (breath meditation), kindness and compassion plus other practises. These strategies of meditation are followed by and coupled with activities that promote this development, such as moral discipline and the correct attempt to establish healthier states of mind. 

Phra Olarn at Wat Samai Kongka Koh Phangan


For most of us, just sitting to ponder in quiet, is something we seldom do. Typical ways to relax in today's technological, inter-connected environment might be keeping up with friends on social media or enjoying our favourite shows. Just sitting and reflecting is unusual. 
For millennia, people have been meditating and the art of meditation ranges from Hinduism to Taoist China and Buddhist India to world religions. You don't have to pick on any new values to start meditating, though. To take up a consistent and frequent meditation exercise purely for oneself, there are many advantages. 
The documented benefits come from feeling calmer and decreasing tension to dropping blood pressure and improving focus for both the body and mind. It is claimed that meditation improves mental power and clarity, strengthens decision-making and problem solving, and lets you grow stronger cognitive and creative thinking ability.

Meditation Koh Phangan

Why Koh Phangan?

It's a beautiful and spiritual island, it goes back to when King Rama V visited, which makes it so unique. Phangan has a mystical force, it's really harmonic from areas such as Thong Sala all the way to Sri Thanu. To obtain this energy from nature here you have to offer something first and this is where meditation can come in. The island has a new form of living for the people here, an easy life that produces positive energy which is always a great beginning catalyst for meditation and spiritual practices.

Koh Phangan

Meditation on Koh Phangan


Wat Kow Tham

Reaching the Buddhist temple in the south of Koh Phangan may be a little difficult. But it is worth the short climb up the mountain. What you will discover is a silent place of calm and spirituality, right in the centre of Koh Phangan, a sacred place for Buddhist monks. Daily retreats for yoga and meditation render this location a pilgrimage for individuals from all around the globe. They come to see the lying Buddha-statue or even the Buddha's footprint!
Meditation at Wat Kow Tham is continually exercised in silence during the retreats and if you are looking for a traditional meditation course then this is probably the best choice for you on Koh Phangan.

Wat Kow Tham

Inner Walk with Phra Olarn

The practice of the Inner Walk gives you the space to communicate with yourself by walking for four hours a day, for four days, in silence. Sessions begin with an opening talk and close with a circle of sharing. With the exception of people with such restricted physical limitations or diagnosed medical disorders, this procedure is for all. It is ideal for complete beginners with no previous mediation experience, those who find it challenging to practice sitting, or those who believe they need an 'easy road' to clarity. 
The art of Inner Walk meditation seeks to help one appreciate suffering; the confusions, illusions and projections that are vulnerable to the human imagination. It shows us, then, how to release our pain. Intellectually, "be here, right now" is simple to grasp, but we don't know how to do it in fact. We learn how to "be here, right now" and how to embrace truth as it is by the practice of Inner Walk meditation. We see the illusions of history, current and potential fixations constantly and come back to clarity and mindfulness repeatedly. Learn more about Inner Walk or Walking Meditation in this video with Phra Olarn.

LaBudhi Meditation

Age, ethnicity and physical abilities don't matter. Practices are performed in Russian and English. The outcome depends on the retreat's duration. Three days are required by some citizens, and 28 days are needed by some. All rely on your intentions and demands. 
Concentration, appreciation of the method and freedom form the foundation of the activities whilst surviving happily in the wild jungle.

LaBudhi Meditation

Indriya Retreat Vipassana Meditation

Anthony Markwell is an Australian Dhamma teacher and meditation educator who, by leading vipassana and metta retreats, evening lectures, and weekend seminars, communicates his experience and practice of meditation. Anthony is the organizer and resident instructor at the Indriya Retreat, a modern vipassana wisdom meditation centre focused on English-speaking and by donation. From 2013-2016, he previously led retreats at the Kow Tahm Insight Mediation Centre, where he directed thousands of meditators through silent 7-day and 21-day vipassana retreats every month. 

Indriya Retreat Vipassana Meditation

Samma Karuna

Vipassana in Samma Karuna is interpreted as a direction of inner harmony, prosperity and, finally, enlightenment. And it is out of their passion for Vipassana that we have developed the Pre-Vipassana retreat. Whether this is your first time on a course or you are a seasoned student of Vipassana, to optimize the advantages of your Vipassana course. Their Pre-Vipassana course runs during the year, utilizing complex, involved, social and still meditations along with yoga and Qi-Gong to get the body and mind into a harmonious harmony, helping you to get the best out of your retreat with Vipassana. 

Samma Karuna


The Samkara Luxurious Meditation Retreat is accessible for 4 and 7 nights. The all-inclusive luxurious meditation retreat of Samkara presents a modern take on conventional retreats to include a holiday experience with the goal of experiencing mind, body, and soul silence. 
Combining both on-site yoga with alternative mindfulness-based offsite nature activities; coupled with pampering spa treatments and multiple therapies; this package provides an immersive yet relaxing solution to a meditation retreat while offering a comfortable travel experience.

Samkara Koh Phangan

Meditation classes, workshops and groups

As well as these listed schools and retreats you can also find drop-in classes for meditation and even group meditations with leaders who will guide you through. You can keep your eye on events listings and even word of mouth from the community about these. Most schools have a lot of events so you can ask them if they have any coming up.

Walking Meditation Koh Phangan


The island is ideal for meditation, with stunning nature and peaceful spots, even without all the experienced practitioners to help you, you can practice alone. But, Phangan has a wide variety of offerings to guide you in your meditation practice that coincides with it being a new-age spiritual hub and Buddhist Country.