Coworking Spaces on Koh Samui

10 Mar 2021

Digital nomads are flocking in droves to Koh Samui and as a result, the island adapts and expands, and there are now many opportunities for coworking. You can find ‘official' co-working places, providing you with a fantastic collaborative work atmosphere, and others are simply spaces or cafes that have organically become hubs for workers. Even if you're not a digital nomad, you may need a place to concentrate. If you're doing an online course, need to edit any files, or just need a relaxing environment to focus away from home, Samui has you covered!

Koh Samui
Koh Samui

Koh Samui for Remote Work

Expats from all around the world contribute to the island's vivid and diverse ex-pat community. Facebook communities may be very beneficial, as they promote everything from gatherings and concerts to exercise and meditation, as well as eco-projects and volunteering so it is worth joining them.

After a hard day of work or research, Koh Samui has a great nightlife and restaurant scene, which is ideal for unwinding and socializing.
If you like sipping a coconut while working from a hammock while the sea breeze gently sways around you, then Koh Samui could be the place for you. You'll be able to function for work right on the sand!


Time Zone 

If you have calls to New York, you should start your working day at 9 p.m. since Koh Samui is 12 hours ahead of EST (13 hours during daylight savings time). If your company is based in Europe, you would be 6 or 7 hours ahead of schedule. For Beijing, you're just an hour behind schedule.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui



Increased networking potential

One of the most appealing aspects of a coworking environment is the opportunity to collaborate with other individuals. If you work at home or in a different workplace, you may be stealing the vital connections that keep the company moving forward. Perhaps the only thing a small business lacks is the spark that comes by being next to other successful business owners.


Enhanced productivity

This is particularly true for small business owners who work from home. When we're at home, it's simple to get distracted. Children deserve attention, the house must be cleaned or maintained, and our minds can always come up with new projects. By going to a different space, you can solidify a 'job style,' which can help you be more productive.



When engaging with others and being exposed to new perspectives, coworking spaces will have a burst of creativity. Changing rooms and going to a new workplace will help you refresh your mind and consider potential solutions to business problems.


Cooperation Opportunities

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with networking. Coworking spaces enable you to explore possibilities and take risks. Who knows where a casual conversation could lead? Working in close proximity to another individual facilitates coordination. You could be hiring a new guy before you realize it.


Efficiency in terms of cost

If you rent an office, you'll have to deal with a lot of additional costs, particularly if your employees want perks like free coffee, snacks, and storage. Many of these benefits are included in the monthly cost of coworking spaces. They also have a number of built-in market tools that can help you save money in the long run. It's critical to know what features you need before choosing the best room for your business. Cost-efficiency can be a key benefit for small businesses locked into excessively expensive rentals.


Enhanced versatility

A wide range of coworking spaces provides very customizable contracts. If you need to cancel your membership for some purpose, you will usually do so in a variety of ways. Finding out and deciding how you want it is a great company service because of this. If you had a positive experience, you're good to go. If not, cancelling your subscription will be harmless.

Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad

Coworking Spaces on Koh Samui


Bao Bao - Asian Eatery

This latest Mae Nam business opening serves a variety of delicious Bao Bun dishes, different Asian Xiao Chi (Asian Tapas) perfect as starters or to share with mates, delicious fried Bao Bun ice cream desserts, and more.
Bao Bao Cafe & Eatery invites you into a vast room with distinct eating, kitchen, lounge, and co-working areas, all set in a modern tropical style and environment.


Us Samui

If you are looking for an area to relax and work at the same time in the same place, Us Samui has a huge common area, living space, garden and pool open from midday till late night.
High-Speed Internet, Electic Plugs, Swimming Pool, Toilets, Car Parking and food and drinks served.


Mantra Work Lounge

The Work Lounge is a room inside the hotel that encourages guests to work productively whilst on holiday or operating remotely. It has become recognised as a neighbourhood meeting spot for local businesses, offering networking opportunities and small activities such as talks that encourage, in addition to becoming a place of work.
The ideal package for your office away from home includes fast wifi, a pantry filled with everything you need to keep your body and mind fueled when operating, and stunning views of Koh Samui's coastline.

Mantra Work Lounge
Mantra Work Lounge

WYSIWYG Coworking Space & Cafe

It is the COSI Hotel's coworking lounge. It is located in a convenient spot. It is not only a part of a well-known hotel, but it is also right next to the Central Festival shopping centre in Koh Samui, giving its patrons access to many of the shops and restaurants that this shopping mall has to offer. WYSIWYG Coworking Space & Cafe was designed to be the hub of activity on Koh Samui. It's normally bustling with tourists, so you're sure to make a few new contacts and broaden your business network. There is no admission charge because when you buy anything from the Cafe, you get unrestricted connectivity to the high-speed Wi-Fi network. You have two levels to choose from: the cafe on the lower level and a more casual, lounge-like atmosphere on the upper level.


The Jungle Club

Jungle Club, located high in the mountains between Lamai and Chaweng, is a high-end establishment with prices to match the view! They do, however, have a lot of seating, a few power outlets, decent Wi-Fi, and an amazing view of Chaweng, as well as ample food and drink choices to keep you going all day. 

The Jungle Club
The Jungle Club


Coworking spaces allow you to get outside of your comfort zone: by exposing you and your employees to a variety of perspectives, you will build a stronger organisation. Any company's reputation depends on having a comfortable and positive work environment. While there are several benefits, finding the ideal coworking space for you can be difficult, so try out a couple on Koh Samui before you find one that suits you.