Punch it - A Muay Thai gym with a family atmosphere

21 Sep 2022

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Markus Muster started with Muay Thai, kickboxing and karate in 1999, and in 2015, he founded the Punch it brand in Switzerland. 
In 2016 Markus emigrated from Switzerland to Koh Samui - Thailand, which he had visited a few times before for Muay Thai training purposes.

He decided to make Koh Samui his new home and open a Punch it branch on the island. "I had a goal to develop the Punch it brand further. So in 2017, I had the opportunity to open it. The goal was to offer a new way of Muay Thai holidays".
The years of martial arts experience and marketing knowledge gained him a good starting point.

What is the concept of Punch it?
The concept of Punch it since it was established is that it had to be only with experienced Thai trainers from Thailand.  
The Gym must be clean and equipped with the best quality Punch it equipment. 

The training must be varied and give classes for every level.
We have been able to keep and improve the concept over the years. 

What type of facilities and products do you offer?

The Gym has an extensive range with 13 Boxing bags, 2 Muay Thai rings, a fitness area, and a fully equipped Muay Thai shop. 
We have a complete range of Muay Thai equipment on-site, and all can be online at www.punchit.shop.

What is the best way to book a package? And what services do you offer?
Our website allows customers to quickly and precisely book the best fitting package according to their needs. 
There are five different accommodations in various price ranges. 
There is a possibility of booking in advance bicycles and motorbikes for rent. 
A personal pick-up service from Koh Samui airport is available.
A Punch it Golden member card where customers have many great local offers, limited edition Punch it products, and a travel bag.

Do you offer food to fit the trainers' needs as well?
We had many requests to include the food in our overall offer. That was why In that we built in mid-2022 the Punch it Healthy cafe next to the Gym and now offer a wide range of fresh, healthy food there, as well as all fresh drinks with no added sugar or other unhealthy side dishes. 

The food is a mix of Western and Thai cuisine created in a modern way at a fair price.

What are the unique characteristics that best describe the essence of Punch it?
Our Muay Thai classes are tailored uniquely according to the target group profile(up to 4 classes per day). Therefore, it speeds up the development process of the trainee.
Thanks to our excellent customer service. We have been able to develop over the years as a top gym in Thailand, which our good rating on google confirms again and again. 

Punch it is not characterised by size but by the family atmosphere, and the customers get to feel they belong to our Muay Thai family from the beginning.

Here you can find the booking page from Punch it Muay Thai Gym.

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