Guide for Koh Tao

8 Jul 2021 is a popular site for seeking lodging on Koh Tao. Many of you can use the internet to plan excursions throughout the world. started as a one-man operation in a cramped office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A tech entrepreneur decided to bring together Dutch travellers and allow them to stay in the places they desired. In its initial years, this little start-up grew quickly, going from one employee in 1999 to 50 by 2002.
The secret for this growth and success was simple: working hard every day to get things right for customers, and expanding to new markets in response to customer demand.


Why Koh Tao?

The scuba diving location of choice in Thailand is Koh Tao, which translates to Turtle Island. The pristine white-sand beaches that circle the steep 21-square-kilometre island are surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand's crystal seas. The coral reefs are home to a diverse assortment of fascinating and colourful water species, including turtles.
The small island is 55 kilometres north of Koh Samui and was first found in the early 1980s. It now has a diverse range of accommodations, ranging from affordable guesthouses and beach bungalows to five-star luxury resorts. The number of restaurants and nightlife venues has also been steadily increasing, to the point where there is now something to suit practically every taste. It is the perfect tropical island paradise, isolated from society but still relatively accessible.

Benefits of

For most places, offers free cancellations. That's a significant benefit, as it gives you additional options for any last-minute alterations. You may be able to locate a better location or a lower price for alternative hotels or residences, giving you a lot of flexibility to cancel without penalty.
When booking directly, the rates offered on are quite competitive, and there is no mark-up compared to the costs of your hotel. When you compare prices from nearby and similar hotels, you can have a better idea of how much the fare will cost. Instead of relying on the hotel's description, you may obtain a better idea of the resort by reading reviews from genuine people. offers its own mobile app to make things easier for clients. It allows you to search, book, and stay up to date on your reserved accommodations. The app will also provide users with complimentary city guides in the locations they visit.



There's still a potential that a mix-up or other factor will throw your vacation booking plans off. No booking agent or website is immune to such occurrences, which is why they offer some assurances that you should verify first, and their customer service team is ready to assist you or issue a refund if necessary.
Using ensures that you have a reservation, which is preferable to showing up to an accommodation that may be fully booked. Because they are a third party, you can contact them for more information.
Read Reviews
With so many places to select from, deciding where to stay might be difficult. Reviews can be a useful tool for determining whether or not a particular hotel is a good fit for you.
Consider the location's star rating system. A higher score means that past hotel visitors generally appreciated the hotel and had a pleasant stay with few if any, complaints.
It will show how many reviews the hotel has in total, which is a significant number. If there are several reviews, you will obtain a more complete description of the hotel. This is not to say that a location with few reviews is bad, but a high score from a large number of reviews is preferable.
Read everything others say, both good and bad, and keep an eye out for anything that might be concerning to you.
Ignore some of the flaws. It was most likely a random occurrence if 50 individuals raved about the hotel and one person complained it was not nice for some reason. Some people's expectations aren't always reached, but it doesn't imply the hotel is to blame.



The mentioned rates are the prices you will pay. does not charge any administrative or reservation fees. In reality, almost never charges you right away. The majority of the time, you simply pay when you arrive at the hotel. Of course, collects payments on occasion, but this is also stated in detail during the booking process. Please be aware that when you arrive, many facilities will add tourist taxes or additional costs to your account. This should be written out somewhere visible during the booking procedure, so read it well.

Communication also allows you to contact the property directly through their platform, allowing you to manage your reservation without having to search through websites or Facebook pages. Most motels are quick to answer any particular queries you may have. This is a great approach to find out if there is any missing information or if you have a particular request to check whether the accommodation can meet your demands.



You can easily compare different properties in the same region or on a budget by utilizing's filtering engine. Instead of searching for a broad and time-consuming location, you will be provided a list of specific lodgings that meet your criteria or are in the region where you want to stay.


You might be able to get a better rate if you go straight to the accommodation. Also, while motels pay a fee, opting directly ensures that they receive your complete money, which is especially important for small and independent businesses.
You may get better deals or upgrades by calling the place directly and getting more 'personal' service. You're almost worth more in a manner because they don't lose money through the agency, so you're nearly worth more in a way.


The Best Solution

Make a reservation and stay for a limited time. If you don't want to put in too much effort before your arrival, one of the easiest methods to use is to make a reservation for a limited period of time, such as two or three days. When you arrive, you can then extend your stay at the resort.