Great Burgers on Koh Tao

7 Jul 2022

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Even in Thailand's tropical islands, a tender, juicy burger isn't hard to come by. Even though Thai food is delicious, we occasionally crave some old-fashioned comfort food!


Why a burger?

Burgers are normally within everyone's budget, and we all seem to enjoy them, perhaps because they're so simple to eat. Because the beef is ground, there isn't much chewing required. When served on a bun, it's really easy to eat. There is no chopping involved; only lifting. And, because burgers come with a variety of sides, you can customize yours to your liking. That is frequently tempting. Burgers are popular in general because they are filling and flavorful. They do the labor of feeding us when we ask for it. That's something we can credit the burger for.

Hippo Burger Bistro

Hippo is a welcoming burger establishment that attracts both locals and visitors. They specialize in large burgers produced with love and meat from well-treated animals, but also offer a variety of other foods, including salads and pasta. Outdoor dining, fantastic music, and a pool table Milkshakes and mojitos are also excellent.

The French Market

Foodies and epicureans will delight in the French market. The French Market has everything you need to keep your stomach happy, including its own bakery, pizza, wine cellar, fresh cold cuts, and one of the best cheese selections on Koh Tao. The chef has years of experience, and places a premium on high-quality, fresh, and delectable meals. Described by some as the best burger on Koh Tao!

Sairee Sairee

This restaurant offers nice Mediterranean food as well as hamburgers. There are interesting suggestions and promotions and the quality is really good. 

Juicy Burger

Great if you are missing something like Mcdonald's burgers!


Nanya's has a varied menu that includes a variety of delectable dishes with a focus on fresh ingredients and inventive cuisine. Thai and foreign cuisine is available including burgers in a stylish environment.