Italian Food on Koh Tao

7 Jul 2022

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Pretty much everyone loves Italian food, especially pizza as a hangover cure or lazy snack! Pasta is always a winner too and if you fancy a romantic date then Italian cuisine is always a winner.

Italian Food

Here's a selection of Italian restaurants on Koh Tao.



Near the busy original walking path, V.Nizza Restaurant in Koh Tao is located, with its green lighting and warm environment, you can feel attracted to eat. V.Nizza is a lovely mature restaurant, perfect for friendly dinners, families or even romance that Italians are popular for. 
It has an intimate feel and is close by to the buzzing streets nearby where you can go and have a few drinks afterwards.

V.Nizza Koh Tao

La Pizzeria

Located in Sairee with genuine Italian pizza, handmade new spaghetti, lasagna and risotto made with fresh and tasty produce, affection and passion, prepared by an Italian chef adopting conventional recipes. 

Thaita Italian Restaurant

A cosy place where the Italian owners greet you warmly. Distinctive dishes such as mini spinach gnocchi and locally sourced baked cod. 

Thaita Italian Restaurant

Portobello Bistro

Nice restaurant parallels to the main walking street. They have all spaghetti and pizzas as well as other delights in a good size range. There's nearly enough for everyone. The meals are fresh, nutritious and generous. The workers are polite and supportive.


Gambero Rosso Andrea

Restaurant with seating on the sand which is perfect for a moonlit dinner and extraordinary sunsets to enjoy Italian food.


Let us know if we have missed any other great Italian Restaurants on Koh Tao!