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Circus Art For All Ages - Aerial Silk Classes

15 Aug 2014
Antonina AX is an aerial gymnast 
Performance artist and aerial silk trainer

D.O.B.: 27.11.88

Country: Russia

AERIAL SILK - is one of the most popular and spectacular disciplines of circus arts. 
It became an inspiration for Antonina after seeing some of the spectacular Cirque Du Soleil shows.

Antonina explains:
"If you want to feel you're flying in the air, like a queen of the circus - then you definitely have to try!"

"When you exercise through Aerial Silk it involves all muscle groups.  Believe me, Aerial Silk, is like nothing else that can reveal the true beauty and grace of your body."

Is there any risk involved with this activity and if so, what are the safety measures that you have to take? 
Of course there is a big risk in aerial silk: pull a muscle, ligament, fall down.

So...there are a few safety rules: 
knotting technique and attentive and correct performance of the elements. 
Of course I tell about all rules at my class of aerial silk.


Do you perform shows or connect aerial arts to Phangan people in any way?
I did performance for one the biggest and beautiful festival of the island: Half moon party.

It was awesome! It is unbelievable when you do a show in front of almost 1600 person! I felt energy of this crowd, adrenalin and it was like a drug!
And also I did show for Fool moon party, in the Sandcastle club, and a few times in Hansa resort.

What do you aquire by practicing aerial gymnastics?
- Grace and Elegance.
- A beautiful athletic and toned body without boring, repetitive trips to the Gym.
- Flexibility and strength.

What makes your talent special or unique? 
My power, flexibility and my big wish to do it!

She chose to stay on Koh Phangan because…
"I was here in December, during two weeks. And it was not enough! I missed island so much!"
"I have decided for come back to the island and be here as long as possible!"


Her classes are perfect for both children, and their mothers.


Her favorite place on the island is...
"Than Sadet. It's a very lovely private beach! There is a very quiet place with very few people, beautiful nature, deep and clean water!"
"And my second lovely place is Sweet Home. I've been living there and I love this place very much! This is a yoga place with ocean view platform and a few bungalows located near Mae Haad Beach (Koh Ma). There is very beautiful view, friendly atmosphere and two wonderful yoga teachers."

Her views on the future for Koh Phangan are...
"There will be more resorts with modern architecture, airport will be built, and then somebody will build McDonald's...
There will be more people on the island, and prices might become higher. I don't think it will be worse than now, but it will be different, whatever."


Her inspiration is...
"My inspiration comes from nature. We can't create something new, because nature did it already. And also it is a good teacher for all people and you only have to listen and feel it."

She loves many other things too like photography, art, cinema, acting technique, and the like.

Her life philosophy is...
Be simpler and enjoy my life, Do only that things that make me happy and always smile. That's why thai life philosophy "Sabai sabai" is very close philosophy for me.

If someone is interested in trying this out, are there options available for that to happen?  
I would like to invite everyone to join my personal lessons of aerial silk...when I'm back on the island!
People can find information about my next visit to Koh Phangan and about my aerial silk on my page on facebook.
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