Haad Rin Arena & Muay Thai Stadium with Owner Khun Kit

12 Feb 2021

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Khun Kit opened the Haad Rin Arena Muay Thai Stadium seven years ago, at that time there were no or little other activities like it in Haad Rin.

‘We wanted to make an activity to show tourists about Much Thai’.  

At Haad Rin Arena they have two different types of training, beginners and advanced, they can teach children and people may either know a lot about Muay Thai or just a little but they can start and learn at any level.

‘Muay Thai is Thailand’s most popular sport in the world and it is good for people’s protection as well as to learn to have fun.
Here at Haad Rin Arena we teach original Muay Thai by Thai boxers who are previous champions and students can go on to fight, depending on how long they learn’.

Haad Rin Stadium is the only stadium and Muay Thai Gym in the area and Khun Kit believes he has the best one on the whole island itself.

‘We are very well equipped with a full stadium, roof, toilets, mini bar and the best view over this lake in Haad Rin’.

Muay Thai is deeply set in Thai Culture and is strongly practiced and carried on by the community as a discipline for a strong mind and also for protection, Khun Kit himself also learnt the sport;

‘When I was in high school I learnt Muay Thai and I have seen it lots before, I still enjoy to practice and it is good exercise’.

As well as training, the Arena has fights which take place one day before and one day after Full Moon, fighters come from the mainland and other islands to participate.

What atmosphere can you expect from Haad Rin Arena?

Fighters and the crowd make up an excited atmosphere on fight nights and it is not just westerners but Thai and Burmese also come to watch so you can see it is a genuine fight.

We want to make good fights so this is why we don’t have them all the time as it is lots of money to pay the fighters and we want the best each time.

People are excited, they enjoy have fun, sometimes it’s even scary. There are young fighters so sometimes people are shocked but I will reassure them that when we learn Muay Thai here we do it from a young age and when we’re ready we have to have a fight,
but it’s never dangerous, we have someone to look after the younger ones and really it is better than fighting on the side of the road.

What are the future plans for Haad Rin Arena?

We are always working on making it better, better standards. We are always going upwards and want to make everybody more happy.

You will find Haad Rin Arena and Muay Thai Stadium right on the lake in Haad Rin.