Shop Local on Koh Phangan

30 Dec 2016

Koh Phangan is developing all the time. More and more people are hearing about this beautiful island and coming to see what it’s all about themselves. Naturally, a higher number of tourists leads to greater infrastructure - more bungalows, more hostels and more shops to cater to our needs.

The number of 7 Elevens on the island has grown hugely with the influx of visitors. We think it’s great. It’s a sign how much Koh Phangan is growing. It’s lovely to have something familiar too!

However, we want to remind all our readers that there are some great local shops too!  Mix things up a bit and give them a try them!


Here’s some reasons why:

  1. Contribute directly to the island when you spend your money there!

Most people are here on Koh Phangan because they love this island. This piece of land, out of all the places in the world. When you shop at local places, your money goes directly into the economy of the island.

2. Try local foods and products

If you smoke, have you tried rolling with a leaf instead of a cigarette paper, Thai-style?

Or tried the chewy, caramelly nut bars?

Local honey?

3. It’s fun!

Going to the market in Thong Sala is interesting. There are so many different colours, smells, fruits, vegetables… It isn’t uniform, it’s a big lovely mish-mash.  You might find a fruit or a vegetable you’ve never tried before and you can try out your snippets of Thai with local people.


4. Get to know local people

You will feel a sense of belonging even if you’re here for a short time!

So, whether you are en route to a friend’s house stopping to pick up some beers or looking for a snack on the way to the beach - shop local and support Koh Phangan!