Koh Phangan Retirement Visa Guide

30 Aug 2022

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It's challenging to beat Koh Phangan as a retirement destination; It is an excellent way to reward oneself after a long and productive career, as it is relaxing, enjoyable, and always pleasant weather. With comprehensive medical care to keep you safe and in good spirits, you'll have little to worry about when you go out and appreciate what the whole country offers.

The Thai retirement visa, also known as the non-immigrant O or OA long-stay visa, allows qualified retirees over 50 who meet specific financial requirements to stay in Thailand for up to one year. After that, the one-year permit can be renewed yearly if the applicant meets the financial conditions.

Koh Phangan


To obtain a retirement visa for Koh Phangan and Thailand, you must be at least 50 years old, have no criminal record or convictions in your home country or Thailand, and be free of prohibitive diseases, which include Leprosy, Tuberculosis, drug addictions, Elephantiasis, and Syphilis in its third phase, according to the Thai Embassy.


To be eligible for a non-immigrant O or OA visa, you must also present one of the following three financial documents:


Bank statement copies showing an income of no less than 65,000 baht every month, an affidavit from your embassy or consulate as proof of this income, or a combination of a deposit account and monthly income totalling at least 800,000 baht.


Each nationality's requirements may differ and be subject to change. If you're having trouble securing a retirement visa, look into the Elite Visa.

Retirement Koh Phangan


To apply for or to extend your retirement visa, you must have health insurance with 400,000 baht IPD coverage and 40,000 baht OPD coverage as of April 2019.


It appears that only local insurance is accepted.


Furthermore, some organisations have announced new health insurance policies that meet minimum standards. Have a look online or ask someone to help you who already has this.


How to apply

A retirement visa can be applied for either in your home country (in some situations) or Thailand.


Inside Thailand

The first thing you need to do is gather all of your necessary financial documents, as well as the following:


A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and two blank pages on both sides is required.
4 cm x 6 cm pictures taken within the past six months, an updated bank passbook, a bank letter confirming your money was placed from a foreign source within two months of the date of application*, and a health certificate (you may not need this if you're in Thailand).
a certificate from the police/background check *

Go to the branch where you opened your bank account to obtain a bank letter. Inform them that you require an authentic bank document showing you have the money in your account two months before your application date. Depending on your bank, the letter will cost a few hundred baht. It can also be completed on the same day, in under an hour.

Then you can visit an immigration office to apply.

Before you extend your visa into a one-year non-immigrant OA visa, you must usually apply for a non-immigrant visa O. In the kingdom; you'll have 90 days. You can also apply for a one-year OA visa after the first 60 days.

Outside Thailand

You'll need to apply for a non-immigrant OA visa if you're seeking your retirement visa outside of Thailand. To visit the Thai Embassy in your country, you'll need to bring the same documents specified above. However, don't be surprised if the embassy tells you this visa isn't available to foreigners, as not everyone does.

The non-immigrant OA long-term visa allows you to retire in Thailand for a year and be renewed annually from within Thailand.

When applying for a non-immigrant OA visa, you'll have two options: single-entry or multiple-entry.

Koh Phangan


You can apply for a single-entry non-immigrant visa OA if you don't intend to leave Thailand while on your retirement visa. You must apply for a re-entry permit if you need to leave the nation for pleasure or in an emergency.



You can leave and visit Thailand as often as you like with a multiple-entry OA visa. If you know you'll be coming and departing frequently while living in Thailand; your best chance is to apply for a multiple-entry visa immediately.

After your visa has been approved, you must conduct 90-day check-ins with Thailand immigration, whether you apply within or outside of Thailand.


Important Note

On a retirement visa, you are prohibited from working.
So, if you are over 50 but still want to work in Thailand, you should get a Non-B visa and work permit instead.



The process is simple if you meet the financial requirements and submit the proper paperwork.
So double-check the list above and call the Thai embassy or immigration office in your area if you have more questions.

Set up a meeting via WhatsApp with a certified lawyer about getting a Retirement visa.

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