Koh Phangan is an idyllic place to practice or improve your fitness. With lots of classes to get involved with and teachers from all over the world, you also have the beautiful nature so can be outdoors walking, swimming, trekking or discovering other things to incorporate into your fitness regime.

Swimming is a perfect example and you have the sea, everyone loves to go in the sea, you’d be silly not to here so why not incorporate some lengths of proper swimming to your afternoon cool off.

Also every evening at sunset you will find a large group of locals down near Thong Sala pier keeping fit. Everyone is welcome to join in, they have an instructor for you to follow and it’s free!

After a few too many parties with all those buckets we all will be in need of getting our minds fit, not just our bodies. When you exercise more oxygen and energy gets to your brain which can help.

Keeping fit also gives you better posture which makes you look even better as you are exercising the muscles in your back.

Keeping fit also takes away stress, which hopefully you don’t have whilst on this tropical beauty but it is best to take care of yourself just in case!

Koh Phangan is an outdoor island, it is well known for its watersports and kitesurf schools, yoga and viewpoints you trek to so make sure you get involved in something and fitness will be fun on Koh Phangan.

Muay Thai Boxing is very good for keeping fit and healthy so why not try out a class!