Keeping Fit on a Budget on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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You want that ‘beach body’ and to keep your energy levels to the max here on paradise island but maybe you don’t want or can’t spend lots of money on personal trainers, classes or the gym.

Here are some suggestions for keeping fit on the island without the need to spend a million Baht!

Swimming in the sea
Everyone loves to go in the sea, you’d be silly not to here so why not incorporate some lengths of proper swimming to your afternoon cool off.

Pick your spot wisely though, sometimes the Ban Tai beach is a bit too shallow to swim in but also don’t go too deep for your comfort zone.

Go kayakking
On most beaches on the you can rent kayaks. Best way of excising in the nature and on the water! 

Challenge yourself to stand up on the first day!
Check out the Aqua Yoga and try to practice on the board!

Will take your breath away and give you a proper workout in beautiful surroundings!

Keep fit with the Thai community
Every evening at sunset you will find a large group of locals down near Thong Sala pier keeping fit. Everyone is welcome to join in, they have an instructor for you to follow and it’s free!

Exercise by the Pier
Also near the pier you will find exercise machines that can be used any time of the day.

Use Tutorial Videos
You can find great tutorial videos online, keep fit, pilates and yoga. Try out some of the Phanganist yoga tutorials with Alon Shmilevich.

Jogging is free worldwide but Koh Phangan also gives you a delight for your eyes if you choose to jog on the beach for example.

Or you can jog or run on the roads but remember to be careful of bikes.

Bike Ride
Renting a push bike is cheaper than renting a scooter and you exercise at the same time.

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and see the wonder of Phangan.

Walking and hiking
If you don’t want to run or jog then you can instead take a nice walk.

There are many places to walk here on the island, even just strolling on the beach can be nice and there are also jungle treks and hiking up Koh Ra.