Koh Phangan's Community is a diverse and colourful one. Some Thai Original families have been here since the beginning and have been witnesses and also part of the development of the island over the years.

With this development came foreigners who have made Koh Phangan their permanent home by setting up a business, finding a job or retiring and enjoying their later years.

There are also people who come and go, maybe just once, or stay for a few months or come back year after year. All of these people make up the special community of Koh Phangan.

Whether it's local events to raise awareness, sports activities or fundraisers, there is no other community like Koh Phangan's.

As a small island where either people are a long way from family or friends or just cut off from the mainland and some things most people are used to, you find that there is a lot more consideration and care for each other than in most places.