Will the Thai Government extend the automatic visa for foreigners in Thailand?

23 Jun 2020

The three-month visa extension from May 1 to July 31 was confirmed in April. This means that all foreigners do not need to worry about extending their visa until July 31st but what will happen after this?

Those on Non-B one year visas are worried about reporting to the border when it reopens. Will there be a huge influx of foreigners making this journey all at once or will the Government come up with an easier solution when July 31st comes?

Can you imagine thousands of people travelling all at once just to get that sacred three-month stamp at the border, maybe even having to spend a night in the neighbouring country? Of course, this will cost money that none of us has been making the last few months.

What will happen to all those tourists who have been stranded or chosen to be here? Can anyone afford to fly back to their Country or even pay for a new visa if they open the embassies again?

Surely there is going to be another way…

It would make sense that until International tourism flights are running into Thailand again that anyone who can stay should be given another amnesty. This could help funds flowing in the Thai economy without the arrival of new tourists.

There was news recently that Malaysia will not open its borders any earlier than the end of August. Malaysia is the preferred Country of many to go to get a new Thai visa and also for border bounces so now we are waiting to hear news of the other neighbouring Countries opening themselves to travel in from Thailand.
Thai Embassy Kota Bharu, Malaysia
Many ex-pats who have lived here for years have families and children, it is a worrying thought that relatives could get stuck in another country and not be allowed back into Thailand even when going to get a new visa is possible. Especially for those with small children who have lived here for years, have businesses and consider Thailand their home. In fact, for anyone, all of this is quite worrying especially considering that many people have lost or had limited income during this time.

Maybe there will be another temporary extension available on offer on Koh Phangan like there was before?

Everybody wants to be legitimate and so far foreigners have been given the necessary means to remain here without the worry of getting a new visa, so let’s hope that in the next few weeks there is another solution given.

If we hear any news we will update you as soon as possible, for now, try not to worry.