Rediscover Samui - A Talk with Lutz from SKAL

7 Jul 2022

Lutz is the president of SKAL Samui, an organisation of friends doing business and particularly aiming to help people "rediscover Samui".

Despite the global pandemic and its devastating effect on the island’s tourism industry, Samui is emerging from months of curfew which saw the closure of virtually all hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars. As a likely result of these strict measures, the island experienced an exceptionally low incidence of Covid-19 cases; to date just seven people were diagnosed early on and all of them fully recovered. Samui registered no fatalities from the outbreak.

Also part of the campaign is an ongoing public relations programme targeting mainstream media, bloggers, and influencers who will be invited to visit the island to experience for themselves its stunning natural beauty and diverse lifestyle offerings.

Campaign highlights:

● Samui is Safe and Clean - Its famous beaches are pristine, and many
resorts and restaurants have been doing maintenance work. Samui is looking
more beautiful than ever.

● Samui’s Environment is Clean and Hygienic - The pandemic has seen all
public facilities, from shops to massage parlors, going to great lengths to
ensure that their environments are clean and hygienic to welcome visitors.

● Samui Wildlife is Returning - Turtles not seen for years have been spotted
laying eggs on several beaches around the island and there have been
increased sightings of pink dolphins – both indications that the water quality
has improved significantly during lockdown.