Island Aid Update - Christmas Thanks and Support for Baby Phuu Pyae

22 Jan 2021

Back at the beginning of December 2020, Island Aid put out a call for the community to help. As this time, it is usually high season on the island, and the time of Christmas and New Year. December 2020 however, was going to be a difficult one for many Thai and Myanmar families who would have usually relied on the tourism to boost their income.

Island Aid wanted to spread a little Christmas love by including children's toys and clothes in their next round of distributions and so a couple of drop-off points were organised for those willing to donate used goods or gifts.

SO MUCH WAS GIVEN! As well as clothes, toys and gifts for the children, adult clothing was also donated.
Island Aid Volunteers
A team of volunteers came to sort through the huge piles of donations so it could be distributed in an organised way and the community volunteers have got everything to those in need. Most donations have now found grateful new homes and the remainder will be distributed during the next distributions.

However, it doesn't end there.

Island Aid is now working to raise money for a beautiful baby girl in particular. The happy baby girl in these pictures is Phuu Pyae Thazin, four months old. Last July, during her pregnancy, her mum, Ma Cherry, first registered for Island Aid assistance as she was unable to make ends meet. More than ever, this family now needs your support: Phuu Pyae was born with a cleft lip, a disease that may cause severe health complications. The positive news is that operation will instantly and substantially increase the capacity of an infant to feed, breathe and communicate and shield her later in life from abuse and social exclusion. 
Phuu Pyae Thazin
There is a possibility for Phuu Pyae to undergo this life-changing operation at a referral hospital on the mainland on February 9th. Her parents will be able to make the ride, but the sparse money they actually receive from cleaning and gardening work is nowhere near enough to offset the expense of surgery. 

Therefore, Island Aid aim to collect THB 30,000 (EUR 800 / USD 1,000) to help provide all three members of this lovely family with beautiful smiles. 

Can you help build some magic in the community!? 

Please mention "CHERRY" when contributing to the Island Aid bank account or via Raisely if you would like to assist this family. Your support is deeply valued and will make a big difference.