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A Three Year Honeymoon & Babymoon with Luke and Hannah from Harmoni Bay Koh Phangan

18 May

Luke and Hannah Mitchell really caught the full moon magnetic magic on Koh Phangan three years ago when they came here for a short honeymoon holiday. They never would have imagined or believed they would still be honeymooning on the full moon island with baby daughter ‘Harmoni Chinta’ who is now 2 years old, when they first arrived on Koh Phangan.

(photo courtesy of Lara Horlacher)

Luke is originally from surfers paradise, Gold Coast in Australia, and Hannah is an academic food & science technology degree holder from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Both never planned to be living together a new life in Thailand where everyday is full of bliss in their love shack beach house in Chaloklum on one of the world’s most famous magical paradise islands.

Three years later they are still here nurturing and giving their beautiful ‘made in Koh Phangan’ baby Harmoni Chinta full time 24/7, after secretly eloping and getting married in Krabi, right after Luke was blacklisted and kicked out of Malaysia.

Luke and Hannah surprisingly fell in love when they worked together in anti-aging and cell regeneration therapies traveling around Malaysia. They were training and sharing the latest most modern human technologies working on a cellular level with high-tech holistic supercell detox systems and treatments.

Two weeks into their surprise romance they lost track of time and days and then realised that Luke had overstayed his visa in Malaysia for the first time in the 6 years he had been staying there. Luke says he lost track of time during their overwhelming love-struck beginning of this fairy tale soul connection.

Once the two ignited the love connection together, they became inseparable from day one.

(Photo courtesy of Christine Flebus)

Note some important points;

Once Luke was blacklisted and kicked out of Malaysia, Hannah had to decide whether to follow Luke to Thailand or end their early relationship on the spot. Hannah decided to follow Luke wherever that will take him.

Luke and Hannah got married on Luke’s birthday in Krabi and just blew with the wind to see where they ended up on this unplanned love adventure in another country.

They went to Phuket. Luke bought Hannah a surfboard and taught her how to surf before she could even swim. Hannah fell in love with surfing and this was the beginning of the wild Aussie husband adventures and they continued on to Khao Lak on their honeymoon, looking for romantic surfing paradise beaches.

(Photo courtesy of Christine Flebus)

After a month honeymooning, Hannah told her new husband who had been riding his motorbike in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand filming a documentary, that her dream was to go to Machu Picchu and she loved llamas. Luke decided to head to South America on another honeymoon adventure together.

They did a tribal herbal jungle detox with the Shipibo tribe and got married again in the Amazon jungle and honeymooned in colourful amazing Peru for one month, visiting many exotic places including Machu Picchu. Hannah saw her llamas for the first time, it was one of the happiest moments.  

Hannah and Luke then came back to Phuket, Thailand but decided Phuket was too busy and too much traffic to stay in. They drove all around Thailand, off the beaten track, to continue the honeymoon.

Luke had many spiritual transformations and experiences of life in Bali and lived there for 3 years and opened up a blues & jazz restaurant cafe in Ubud.

The love birds decided to go to Koh Samui as they had heard a lot about the island being a famous healthy holistic detox island.

They stayed at a friend’s house for 2 weeks, the house was broken into and their passports were stolen causing massive legal and travel complications.

Of course this made them put off and not impressed with Koh Samui so they decided to leave and move on to the island next door, Koh Phangan.

Hannah had never heard of Phangan in her life and Luke had only been to visit a friend for visa runs from Malaysia.

(Photo courtesy of Russell Attwood)

They discovered the lifestyle was much more laid back and relaxed and decided to extend their honeymoon and rent a beach house as their first ‘honeymoon beach love shack’ in Baan Tai for 2 months.

They spent most of their time together at the first beach shack home away from everyone, time was spent exploring beaches, snorkelling, surfing stormy waves, spending time with each other as husband and wife in peace.

Now with a taste of Thailand, they decided to stay on Phangan longer. Again, this whole eloping marriage honeymoon adventure, Luke and Hannah didn’t just fall in love with each other, they fell in love with Koh Phangan and its amazing simple healthy unpolluted lifestyle.

They saw how they could live a full time honeymoon in paradise without going back to busy cities, as a happy newly married honeymooning couple.

The full moon island gave the gift of a new honeymoon baby growing in Hannah’s tummy.

Luke, with his 14 years of knowledge and experience in cell and detox technologies decided to give their new baby the cleanest, best possible growing environment inside and out. They spent the whole pregnancy on the unpolluted island paradise and continued this honeymoon happy, healthy and pregnant.

Hannah had a sweet blissful natural pregnancy experience with clean air, ocean, sunshine with no city traffic and stresses.

She says she is so blessed to of had the most perfect non stressful pregnancy. Everyday she is swimming, doing yoga, having healthy local homemade food, fresh seafood from the ocean, charges up on high-tech cell technologies and drinking the best water that is made in their own home. They thank God for this blessing and luck for their new marriage, family and new baby.

Along came the beautiful lucky blessed baby girl Harmoni Chinta Mitchell, the name is Malaysian which translates into ‘harmony love’. So they grew their baby in a loving harmonious family and island.

Now starting to know Koh Phangan life, the couple still want to continue this honeymoon and baby-moon in paradise giving Harmoni Chinta the best beginning and start on this planet.

Being a holistic health couple, they were never interested in the main attraction of wild full moon parties, this island has so much more going for it other than the messy over indulging parties so they looked for an even quieter ‘love shack’.

They found the perfect beach house for their growing family in Chaloklum, this amazing beach house is hidden at the unnamed quiet lagoon and they have their own little private beach at their footsteps for little Harmoni to play, swim and enjoy nature everyday.

They have named this beach ‘Harmoni Bay’, their daughter’s name and now have recently registered their Thai company called Harmoni Bay Co. ltd.  

Harmoni Bay Holiday House Rental business is Hannah’s first business and hobby and Luke is testing and developing his elite entrepreneur academy online entrepreneur coaching systems to help city families create a second income while working full-time city jobs. It helps guide them to grow a global travel business income in 1 to 2 years so that they too can one day escape the matrix systems that most people are stuck in for 40 years.

Luke and Hannah have met many young international families that also come to Koh Phangan with small children and babies and have seen the future of the island that thousands of young families will be coming here for 2 to 3 months every year to get away from the big busy hectic expensive city life.

There are so many more things to do and attractions here other than the huge full moon party.

The couple keep continuing to look for options on how to stay in paradise and make an income without leaving and continuing their honeymoon and babymoon.

How can they keep the honeymoon going and how to stay indefinitely in the magical magnetic famous full moon island with the new coming family and have some income coming in. So far they have just been spending money travelling and enjoying this blessed surprise marriage together...

Luke says Koh Phangan is like Bali was 35 years ago except they can have internet and wifi to create a global semi passive income making US Dollars and reaping the massive currency lifestyle benefits living in the cheap simple life of Koh Phangan and Thailand.

Luke, with his many entrepreneurial years of experience has been sitting in the hammock designing and developing possible online incomes to keep this honeymoon never ending and living better than everyday tourists.

(Photo courtesy of Amaze Studio Photography)

Now seeing and knowing the future growth and more facebook fame of Koh phangan, there are great opportunities to share luke and Hannah’s paradise life.

They believe they can guide, share and help other couples or young families to break free from the 9 to 5 city hectic government matrix systems by building new online brand and profiles as the ‘surfing freedom lifestyle family’.

You don't need so much to live better than most city people and they are planning to develop 4 to 5 businesses for multiple income streams world wide whilst staying on paradise island. Having a full life spending every hour together with their nature baby Harmoni Chinta. Of course Harmoni will have a travelling adventurous childhood and will be home schooled in the future.

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