Psychic Lounge Fundraiser for Happy Food

7 Jul 2022

Psychic Lounge is a very special FUN-raising event, happening Saturday July 4th at Dot’s café, Thong Sala. Hosted by Kirilly Sunshine and Karen Farini at ‘Infinite Abundance Projects’

From Kirilly:

“As you may know, many beautiful souls on the island have been offering their ‘love-in-action’ service to support ‘HAPPY FOOD’ feed those in need. In this regard, the community spirit of our island has been strong. And word has it that we will need to keep our efforts up for some time to come.


Have you been wondering how you might like to contribute?


If you would like to MAKE A DONATION TO HAPPY FOOD and ENJOY A PSYCHIC READING (for you or a friend) then we hope you can make it to our PSYCHIC LOUNGE event this Saturday the 4th July at Dot’s café in Thong Sala.

NB: Gift cards are available, if you think someone special might enjoy a treat at this time!

Also, if you feel to surprise a friend or loved one from far away, you could come to the reading for them, with your phone, so that they can have the reading via video link- Skype, Zoom, Messenger.

Who knows, maybe ya mum might like a reading!”

From Karen:

“What will you be doing when the amnesty finishes on July 31st?
Should you stay or should you go?

And what about ‘that love interest’ - that all of a sudden has a ‘weird urge’ to monogamize TF out of your otherwise, freewheeling lifestyle?

Hmmm… What to do?!!

Well, fear not! Kirilly and I have come up with the perfect solution to your queries. A chance for you to ask any such questions and more, at our debut ‘Psychic Lounge’ FUN-raiser event for HAPPY FOOD.

We’ve got 5,6,7 amazing psychic intuitive readers ** Koh Phangan’s crème de la crème **, doing 20-minute readings all day, from 10am-3pm.”




Minimum 500 baht for a 20-minute psychic reading.

• 500 baht will confirm your booking, no worries.
• Though, if you would like to donate more when making your online booking, we’d be thrilled!
• Whatever amount you choose to donate to confirm your booking, be it 500 baht or more, we will love you just the same 



* Contact Karen and decide what time and which reader you would like to receive your psychic reading from.

Karen’s contact details:
FB Messenger: Karen Farini

* To confirm your booking, send Karen a screenshot of your 500+ baht payment to the HAPPY FOOD GoFundMe page or send Karen your email receipt from the GoFundMe page.

* Alternatively, if you are keen, go right ahead and make your 500+ baht donation to the GoFundMe page, send Karen the screenshot or email receipt and then confirm which time and reader you would like with Karen.


** We will love you no matter how you make your booking  **



Of course, we will be happy to make a booking for you on the day however we can, if we can.



If you would like to purchase a reading for a friend or loved one, then

- go right ahead and make your 500+ baht donation to the GoFundMe page
- send Karen the screenshot or email receipt
- tell Karen what ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ names you would like on the gift certificate.
- we will then send you the gift certificate pronto and
- you can send it to your friend or loved one.
- then your friend or loved one can contact Karen to arrange which time and reader they would like to book.
- or if you would like to surprise your friend or loved one on the day, then you can make the booking for them with Karen 

HAPPY FOOD GoFundMe page:

Karen’s contact details:
FB Messenger: Karen Farini





We will we be accepting donations on the day, so if you feel to drop by and donate anyways or add to the donation you made online, we will be ready with donation boxes and smiles all round.



We have a goal of manifesting 33,333 baht on the day, with 100% of the FUNds raised going to HAPPY FOOD 



Saturday July 4th
10am - 3pm
500+ baht donation in advance to the Happy Food GoFundMe page.




1. Lara

Lara is a tarot artist from Argentina. She used to be the resident cards reader at a nightclub there, but has since taken off - and now wanders the world trading readings for beers and stories. Inspired by - and working with - everything from punk magick to syncretic faiths of Latin America and the Caribbean (and always willing to deal with the sticky questions!), she's available for readings in English and Spanish.


2. Alex

Alex is a guide, life/work balance coach and traveler. He loves helping people connect with their Higher Self, find their Way & follow it 

Alex serves with:
Tarot cards, Leela (ancient yogi’s game of Self Knowledge and self-exploring of your Path), Human Design, Gene Keys, and teaches meditation and conscious Life pathing.

This 4th of July, Alex will be volunteering his gift for Happy Food by reading with ‘The Angel Cards’ and ‘The Tarot Angel Cards ’.

You may Alex ask any question during session.

For more information, you can find Alex on FB Alexander Korol or Whatsapp +66840927312. And maybe on another day, you could book him to play Leela, or explore yourself deeper in Human Design and Gene Keys'.

Alex is happy to meet you, lovely Soul



3. Jess


“I’m a channeller and healer. I relay information to bring forward what hides in the subconscious. I help expose the ego, so life can be lived from the heart, minus the fear.

This includes helping individuals to become aware of their programs, patterns and limiting beliefs. With the help of spirit, I facilitate in the process of reconnecting the person to their true nature and soul.”

Jessica has been a healer for over 10 years. Also known as a psychic-medium, she has experience in tarot and oracle card readings. Jessica regularly conducts psychic development workshops and empowering healing circles.

Additional services:
- Energetic Healing
- Intuitive bodywork: KaHuna Massage and Deep Tissue


4. Clara

Clara is an Ayurvedic Therapist, Physiotherapist, Life Coach and Reiki Master, as well as a channel for messages using oracle cards.

This 4th of July, she will be volunteering her gift for Happy Food by reading with ‘The Cards of Light’, ‘The Archetypes’ and ‘The Ascendant Masters’ oracle cards:

• The Cards of Light allow us to see what is hidden, that which is felt; one’s resources in any given situation, the solution and what transformation might bring.

• The Archetypes: In our human-ness, we can adopt many roles, masks and intentions. With these cards we can see which archetype we and possibly others, are embodying - consciously and/or unconsciously, and the possibilities ahead.

• The Ascendant Masters: offer clear cut guidance.

For more information, you can find her on FB - Clara Diaz - or Whatsapp 0034654822900. And maybe on another day you can book her to play ‘The Transformation Game’, or talk about ‘Kali’ - and how to set boundaries with love and ‘deal with narcissistic abuse’ and manipulation'.

More updates and announcements of readers coming soon 

BIG THANK YOU to Constantine and all the lovely folk at DOT's CAFE. Even if you feel to just come on down for the day and enjoy the vibe and some great FOOD & DRINKs, we'd be so happy