The Secret 4-Fit Method by Steve Pilot

26 Sep 2021

"Before COVID changed our everyday lives, I had the huge privilege to travel all around the world. Due to my profession and athletic background, I’ve been in contact with countless people representing a variety of sports” certified personal trainer and vegan nutritionist Steve Pilot states.

“From martial arts to yoga and Crossfit, people always struggle to find out what works best to get fit”. In the course of their life, lots of people try to get fit but often fail. You try fitness apps, get a gym membership and take your friends to go out bicycling together. After some time you don’t see the desired results, so you lose motivation and fail to get fit. “Martial artists move quickly and strongly, yoga practitioners move into flows and gymnasts stay still on the gymnastic rings” Steve Pilot explains.

“It doesn’t really matter which form of sport you choose to do or what exercises you pick, the secret to getting fit lies into the movement pattern and speed”.There are only four ways, which Steve calls methods, to manipulate the execution of an exercise. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need a gym to get fit.

The secret 4-Fit Method has you covered. “You can only move in four ways while performing an exercise” the handstand expert Steve Pilot says. “The way you move is directly correlated to the attribute you develop, for example, stamina, strength or power.”

Hold tight as we teach you how to get fit from home at the quickest time possible.

The first method is the “Normal method”. It’s called normal because you perform the exercise on a regular pace. Let’s take squats and pushups as an example, as they probably are the most important exercises you will ever need. In this method, you perform the pushups and squats in a normal pace, up and down.“If you want to build massive endurance, perform a high number of repetitions per set in this method” Steve Pilot points out.

The second method is called “Slow method” because you perform the movement of the exercise in a slow and controlled pace both when moving up and down. “Believe me, doing pushups slowly can be devastating even for fit people” Steve admits. The Slow method is perfect for building strength and it goes hand by hand with the next method.

The third method consists of static holds. Static holds can build large amounts of strength. Picture a gymnast holding the iron cross while hanging on the gymnastic rings. Can you imagine the amount of strength their muscles exert to hold that position? Another great exercise to try which fits in this method is the handstand. Steve Pilot is an expert in this. If you want to know more about how to achieve this spectacular static hold visit Steve Pilot’s website

The way to perform a static pushup? You can either drop onto the pushup position and hold on top, like a straight arm plank, or you can dive into the bottom position of the pushup and hold it there. For the squat, you might want to use a wall to help you keep your back straight. The static squat is basically a wall sit.  

The fourth method is called “Explosive” because you have to explode yourself up. Let’s put this into context. While performing the pushup, you go down in a normal pace but when you go up, you explode. The goal here is to exert maximum power and get your hands off the floor. To perform an explosive squat, you go down in a normal pace and you explode strongly when you go up. It’s basically a jumping squat.

The explosive method is perfect if you want to lose weight because it will let you dripping sweat. If you’re interested on losing weight quickly on a plant-based vegan diet, you can discover more information over Steve Pilot’s website

If your goal is weight loss, combine the explosive method with cardio exercises which include lots of jumping. “The explosive method is excellent for developing power but you might want to get used to exercising a week or two before you jump into it” Steve notes. To keep it fun, you can combine the methods together. How about a hard variation of a static and explosive squat? Stay in a static squat for 5 seconds and then jump up explosively. How many reps can you do? Keep it fun and mix it up.

Staying fit in a world that’s constantly trying to divide your attention and energy into pieces, may prove a difficult task. Steve Pilot has revealed an interesting, fun and effective way to do it in your own house. You don’t have to be experienced to start getting fit. Use the secret 4-fit methods and you will get there. All you have to do is stay on purpose and move in a method.    

To find out more about Steve Pilot visit his website