Gym & Fitness and The Fitness Cafe in Koh Tao with Sofia

25 Jul 2016

The Fitness Cafe in Koh Tao is next door to Gym and Fitness in Sairee Koh Tao. Ideally located for those wanting to work out and look after what also goes into their bodies at the same time, plus anyone that is interested in eating clean in general!

We went to meet Sofia who is originally from Sweden, she was backpacking around in 2009 when she met her boyfriend and is now the manager of Gym and Fitness plus the Fitness Cafe which we spoke about first of all…

Hi Sofia so where did the idea for the Fitness Cafe come from?
People were always asking us where they could eat healthy food and there was not really anywhere that you could have proper clean food so the Fitness Cafe opened three years ago.

Tell us about the food…
It’s very wholesome, healthy clean food. People are definitely more aware of this in Europe and we also have more people like this on the island.

We have proper protein pancakes, it’s good for people who want to be more health conscious and people generally want to eat good.

I use hard to find superfoods and ingredients.

The cafe is located next door to the gym which is good, how did the gym start?
We have been open five years in March, we do everything and just this year have incorporated Muay Thai also.

We will also start classes like bodypump and group training.

Do you get many tourists come to train?
I would say it’s 50/50 locals and tourists, we are the biggest gym on Koh Tao with the newest equipment and the biggest air con which people always like.

And why do you love living on Koh Tao?
The freedom, you cannot put a price on the freedom you get here.

Gym and Fitness is a welcome asset to the island and you can tell right away that all of the equipment is high spec and clean.

The visitors to the gym were very happy to pose for some photos for us as well!

We wish Sofia and the team all the best for the future.