Be like a Fish and Swim on Koh Phangan

13 Jun 2016

Koh Phangan is a beautiful tropical island surrounded with dreamlike sea water which can range in its shades of beautiful blue.

You should be swimming in this!

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and healthy yet it is also fun and good for the mind.

Because swimming is low impact this means that it is good for all ages and can be a lifelong exercise for yourself and friends and family.

The sea is all around you here so it is completely free to do, no gym fees or instructor prices and a lot of resorts and hotels also have a pool if you don’t fancy the sea.

So there’s really no excuses not to get your swim on.

Swimming is a whole body workout, you use almost every muscle when swimming which not many other exercises or sports can do.

Using the resistance of water is a benefit as you workout without even knowing it!

Here are a list of the main benefits of swimming;

Keeps up your heart rate and improves blood flow

Builds endurance and Strength

Good for the cardiovascular system

Maintains a healthy weight or can help you lose it

Tones muscles

Improves flexibility

As well as the physical benefits swimming also helps with your mentality.

Even just being in the water can help relieve stress and help you be at one with the nature, the great thing about Koh Phangan is you can be in the ocean and look out across the sea or back on to this majestic island and its palm trees and jungle coated mountains.

For the mind;

Relaxing and peaceful

Improves coordination

Can help you cool off during a hot day

Helps you sleep better

It’s sweat free!

Fun and will make you happy for the rest of the day

If you have a minor ailment or have injured yourself (although we hope not) then swimming can be a good low impact therapy to help you and your body recover and you will not feel guilty about not being able to exercise if you go for a light swim in the pool or the sea.

The island is great for snorkelling also so you can show off your skills to the fish. Koh Rahem near Secret Beach is a great place for this and you can jump off of the end straight into the ocean and enjoy the many beautifully coloured fish underwater.

If you want to swim in the sea then Thong Nai Pan is your place, it is always high tide so it is good for swimming without getting too deep.

The south of the island has a lower tide but if you are willing to walk out across the sand a little then you can still have a nice relaxing bathe to rejuvenate your body immediately.

Go and have a fun swim with your friends, it’s a great bonding experience. You can try out some aqua aerobic moves using the water resistance or just wind away the day gossiping at the edge of the pool whilst remaining cool.

If you do chose to go in the sea then of course be safe, we don’t need to tell you that. So enjoy the bountiful ocean of Koh Phangan and be like a fish and swim for a healthy body and mind.