How to have a Cool Sleep in the Hot Weather

15 Mar 2017

After all that rain at the beginning of the year which saw a lot of us feeling the chillier temperatures here in the Gulf of Thailand it is a welcome sign that the sun is back in all its glorious glory!

This last week has seen temperatures rise and most of us are feeling rather hot and sweaty which brings with it a new struggle to get comfortable and sleep.

Of course there is the wonderful invention that is air conditioning but some of us may not have this luxury or want to try not to use it so as to reduce electricity costs and the environment of course.

It is such a pain when you don’t get a good night's sleep, especially if you want to make the most out of your days here so here are some tips that we have found to help you sleep well in this scorching heat!

Try to get cotton sheets and clothing which will keep you more cool than synthetic materials

Put your sheets in a bag and then in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before you go to sleep, although this won’t be cold all night it will provide brief relief.

Use a hot water bottle the wrong way round and put it in the freezer then take it to bed with you.

Get a pan and fill it with ice cubes then put this in front of a normal fan. The breeze from the fan will pick up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts which creates a cooling mist.

Apply ice wrapped in a towel to your pulse points to cool yourself down.

Sleep alone rather than with someone else if you can so as to avoid body heat and also you can try sleeping in a hammock as the airflow will keep you cooler.

Have a small glass of water before bed so as to not get dehydrated from sweating whilst you sleep.

Take a quick shower before bed in tepid water to cool down your core body temperature.

Try to sleep as low as possible as hot air rises, try putting your mattress on the floor where possible.

Turn off the lights and plug sockets so there is no extra heat from electrical appliances.

Try hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window, the breeze will create a cooling air by blowing through it.

We hope this helps a little, always worth giving things a try! Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep cool in the shade so as to not get sunburnt!

Sleep well Phanganists