Natural Energy for All!!!

12 Feb 2021

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Most people eat more when they are tired, and a lot of us fall into the trap of eating things that are too sweet and then you want more and more sweet stuff which is harmful to our health and can cause obesity.

So what to eat to feel energetic?

One afternoon, and you've already hit a dead end but instead of snacking on another cookie that will cost you dearly or grabbing some candy or more coffee, it is better to know that there are healthy foods to get you feeling energised and alert for a longer time.

Replace these with sweet potato and salmon dishes and this will give you energy before different types of training and in general.

One banana has a total of 100 calories, it contains potassium, vitamins and fiber to help you maintain a feeling of satisfaction and energy over time.

The banana is the perfect energy snack from nature before a workout. Eat a whole banana half an hour before training or two or three bites adjacent to running or weight training, you will not believe how much you'll feel the difference.

Sweet Potato
A lot of people are scared yams (sweet potato) the reason is that it may make you gain weight, but the sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate released slowly into the bloodstream which contributes to feeling full for longer and more energy is saved.

Unlike a regular potato which is released quickly into the bloodstream and can cause you to feel hungry pretty soon after.

In addition to the sweet potato has vitamin C, iron and magnesium that fuels the energy body.

Nuts and Almonds
A combination of protein and fat is a winning combination, provided you eat the correct amount and are not overdoing consumption of these, which is what many of us tend to do.

Nuts provide a variety of vitamins that help you feel energetic, including B vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

It is recommended to eat some almonds or nuts before and after a workout.

Eggs can be a vital supply of energy for the body and the skeletal muscles which have amino acids needed to build muscle, and Vitamin B5 is responsible for the release of energy into the body.

It is recommended for people engaged in sports and to eat the morning after fitness training combined with complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread.

Honey is rich in carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are the primary fuel that the body uses to produce energy.

In addition, it helps maintain glycogen levels which helps prevent muscle fatigue. Glucose in honey is absorbed rapidly into the body so you feel the energy flowing into your body quickly. Add a little honey to your slice of rye bread with a teaspoon of sesame paste, a combination that will give you long lasting energy.

Mushrooms are rich in iron which helps fight fatigue and lethargy. They will assist in the production and movement of oxygen throughout the body.

Put mushrooms in any salad, soup or omelet. They are low in calories and you can eat them as much as you want. Tired during the day? Snack on unlimited mushrooms.

You could say spinach is a super food that exists to produce energy efficient for the body.

It has high amounts of iron, magnesium and potassium, it has antioxidant properties for the body, strengthens the muscles and helps with our proper functioning.

Spinach may also help involuntary muscle contractions and raise overall energy.

Sunflower Seeds and Chia Seeds
Sunflower seeds and chia seeds are great snacks to raise energy. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and essential amino acids.

They have high amounts of protein so many athletes, especially distance runners consume them regularly.