Spirituality is concerning one's spirit, your true essence and that of what is within rather than without. Spirituality has a completely different meaning from person to person as each of us are so different yet many find Koh Phangan an idyllic location to come and focus on expanding their spirituality through meditation, yoga, deepening and sharing of knowledge and of course the peaceful nature.

Some may be searching for more meaning in life, a connection to themselves and to the world and to take the time to be at peace and discover oneness through meditation. Others may find faith in attachment to a church or group of some sorts, Buddhism is heavily linked with spirituality and so this island, with its many temples is a perfect place to go deeper and learn more for yourselves about your own spirit.

Spirituality can mean a sense of being, being at one with your mind whatever you discover that peaceful place to be. Many people have more ‘spiritual experiences’ here, meeting wonderful people from all over the world and learning things that otherwise would be beyond their reach, overlooking the jungle from a glorious viewpoint is an easily obtainable spiritual experience open to everyone for example.

Enjoy our section on spirituality with articles, people and things to involve yourself with.