Koh Phangan is a lot of fun and although we are your daily magazine for informative news, events, parties, lifestyle and everything that is Koh Phangan, sometimes we like to have a bit of fun, actually most of the time.

Here in our Fun section you can find things to occupy your mind if you’re a bit bored and want some random knowledge.

Our most sarcastic articles can be found here such as ‘how not to be an idiot’ which is tongue in cheek yet can be applied or maybe noted in other travellers you may meet.

You may notice these stickers they give you in Seven Eleven, apparently there are more discounts, deals and free stuff that us foreigners probably don’t know about from these stickers so maybe if you have a Thai friend you could get the lowdown from them. Another random fun thing about Thailand.

We’ve got dogs, stupid photo shoots and silly fashion choices, made up articles from April fools and much more fun stuff going on here on the island.

In fact everything is fun here!

Some of the most fun things to do would be to take a trip around the island with your friends so join us here. Maybe you have your own idea what fun is, we welcome all requests so make your wish and we will grant it!

Most importantly, just have fun.