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'Doing the NAQ' Tonights mission at Jungle Experience!!

2 Dec 2015

He's everyones favourite Jungle Experience Promotor, he turns up to Phanganist with a convoy behind him of glorius people he has discovered for us to interview (thank you Naq).

He plays in many parties on Koh Phangan and puts his heart and soul into everything he does so tonight at Jungle Experience we, and all of you will play homage to our lovely NAQ!

Tonight we will be 'Doing the Naq'. 

The picture above is what we call 'The NAQ', very angelic, super chilled and sweet.

Here are some examples of the Phanganist team 'Doing the Naq':

Sharons try at 'The Naq'.

Tianas go at it.

And Em's.

So join in our fabulous game and tonight we shall party and 'Do the Naq'!!

Make sure to get your picture taken!

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