Why The 80’s Will Never Die…

1 May 2017

Why do we all love the 80’s? A Decade of new invention, the beginnings of the tech revolution and obscure yet kind of cool fashion and big hair.

A lot of us that are now what some would call ‘adults’ were born in the 80’s so have the nostalgia for it and the younger generation are reinventing the sounds and the fashion in a millennial style.

Some epic music came from the 80’s and on Koh Phangan this is when the Full Moon Party began (well, towards the end) and the sounds of Trance were emerging on Haad Rin Beach along with a hippy mentality from the soft beginnings of this now worldwide famous event.

A lot has changed since the 80’s, especially here on the island but also elsewhere in the world, so let’s return to an age of almost innocence with a celebration ‘Back to the 80’s’ on Wednesday at Phanganist Hostel!

See you here!