The word meditation comes from the Latin word ‘meditatum’ which means ‘to ponder’.

This is something that for most of us we rarely do. In today’s technological, inter-connected world, typical ways of relaxing might be catching up with friends on social media or watching our favourite series. It’s rare to sit and simply sit and contemplate.

People have been meditating for centuries and the practice of meditation spans world religions from Hinduism to Taoist China and Buddhist India. However, you don’t need to take up any new beliefs to start meditating. There are numerous benefits to taking up a consistent and regular meditation practice simply for yourself.

Reported benefits are for both body and mind from feeling calmer and reducing stress to lowering blood pressure and improving concentration. Meditation is said to increase mental strength and focus, improve decision-making and problem solving, as well as helping you develop better cognitive and creative thinking skills*. 

Today people have many expectations, they have an iphone 7 but they want an iphone 10! But why?! We make more worries for ourselves when we do not understand, I like to wake up a few little people and then they can take this peace to others, I just want to change one person’.

Phra Olarn teaches about the way of life, about Buddhism, wisdom and mindfulness. Meditation keeps a clear and peaceful mind, mindfulness, awareness and wisdom. Wisdom is understanding permanence and suffering, that everything comes and goes.

‘The things we cannot control, we try to control and then after this comes depression as we try to do the things we don’t understand’.

Phra Olarn believes we have to clean our minds, we get so much information from outside that we need to go inside, to come back to ourselves and clean. If we keep hold of one worry this can grow to ten worries just like spreading fire, we give air to the fire.

‘People get headaches as they hold too much energy, we are like a factory but we need to know how to operate this factory. It’s the same like if you don't clean the house, when you understand the system then you can make balance’.

What is the nature of the meditation you teach here?

It is Walking Meditation so as you cannot forget the body. We are controlled too much and I want people to enjoy this, not to think of it as meditation but to just do. 
The peacefulness will come automatically, we transgress away and it comes. This is suitable for everybody, everywhere, you can walk on the street and do it. This is more for real life, you can do meditation during the day or night and not run away from reality and it can be powerful when we understand it.

Suffering comes from the body and mind so we can see what happens when we get wisdom and become more free.

Sickness comes when we forget about the soul, people these days have no education of a better life. When everybody is aware then the world will get peace.

Where are the smiles and harmony life? We forget and are like robots, people try to be big with big egos.