Inner Walk Meditation Practice from Loyfa BetterLife

15 Jun 2019

Inner Walk meditation practice aims to help us understand suffering;  the confusions, delusions and projections that the human mind is prone to.  Then, it teaches us how to release that suffering.

Intellectually, it’s easy to understand “be here, right now”, but in reality, we don’t know how to do that.  Through the practice of Inner Walk meditation we learn how to “be here, right now” and how to accept reality as it is.  We repeatedly see the delusions of past, present and future fixations and repeatedly come back to clarity and mindfulness.

What is the difference between Inner Walk and other meditation?
Most meditation practices teach us how to focus and calm the mind, Inner Walk teaches us how to be with the chaos inside our mind and the outside environment, so we can experience true peace, whatever the circumstances.

What is the Inner Walk practice?
The Inner Walk practice allows you the space to connect to yourself by walking in silence for 4 hours a day, 4 days consecutively.  Sessions begin with an opening talk and close with a sharing circle.

Who can join?
This practice is for anyone with the exception of those with certain limiting physical disabilities or diagnosed psychiatric conditions.  It’s suitable for total beginners with no prior experience of meditation, those who find sitting practice hard, or those who feel they need a ‘fast track’ to clarity.

“We walk through anger, greed, judgement, joy, jealousy, expectation, and as we walk them all we realize that everything is ephemeral and passable and that we will do well to change a little approach in our lives.”
Phra Ajahn Olarn

If you are intersted in joining or for more information on Loyfa BetterLife Retreats you can see their website here.